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Act is an all volunteer organization.
proceeds benefit the animals in need.
You may email us with questions
All donations are Tax Deductible.
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Below find a list of Proposed Projects. With your assistance we can help so many.

Program Title: Thankful Cat Building Proposal

Our rescue always runs at full, or near full capacity. We require more space for the rescue.

During clean up time, we need an area to place the cats while the cages are disinfected and litter is replaced. The new area will also allow more room for the loose cats in the building during regular hours. We propose to add a sunroom for this purpose. It is cost effective and will give much needed space to the rescue. Please, if you can donate toward the cost of this project, it will allow us to give the rescue cats a more comfortable environment, and make the clean up days easier for our volunteers.

Program Title: P.O.P. - Prevent Over-Population

In order to effectively address the over-population, and reduce the number of domestic pets in shelters, it is imperative to have companion animals spayed/neutered. All animals taken into ACT are vet checked, given shots and spayed/neutered. ACT is a no-kill rescue that is also involved in TNR locally. We have flyers available during adoption days at PetSmart stressing spay/neuter.

Vet costs are very high. We need assistance to continue this vital work to avoid high shelter population and birth explosion in cats that are free roaming.

Together, we can make a difference. Please help us with your kind donation.

Program Title H.E.L.P. (Homing Each Lost Pet)

The economic crisis has hit the Pocono area quite hard. Jobs are few and foreclosures are many. Large numbers of pets are found abandoned and lost.

We propose a mission to help these furry friends who have no one to love or care for them. Each animal that we take in is spay/neutered, given shots and medical care. We then put them up for adoption. Our rescue animals are featured in the local PetSmart Store in Stroudsburg, PA. We give them health care, nutritious food, clean water and a safe place until we can find them a home. No healthy animal is ever euthanized.

This program addresses the abandoned pet population in our community. We are working toward a no-kill area. Unfortunately, the cruel suffering of the abandoned pet is not the only problem. Pets left to fend for themselves will be exposed to illness, disease and insect infestation. As animals become more desperate for food, they will draw closer to humans and other animals. We strive to change that and save as many as we can. They deserve a better life than a terrible end on the streets, or a sad death in a kill shelter. Funds for the program will be used to spay/neuter and give shots to these animals. The cost for this is $50.00 an animal.. We can't do it alone, but with help, we can make an impact. For every animal rescued and spayed/neutered, countless will be spared.
Please H.E.L.P. us!

Project Title - H.A.N.D (Help A Neglected Dog)

Animals Can't Talk piloted a new program called H.A.N.D.
Dogs are pulled from high kill shelters and given vet care in preparation for adoption.

Won't you please lend a H.A.N.D. to save the death row dogs and give them a chance at a new life?
Time is short for so many of these lost souls.

Project: Positive Felines

Our Positive Felines (FIV+) frequently need long term care in the rescue as finding new homes can take some time. If you would like to donate towards the upkeep of these sweet cats, it would go a long way to keeping them happy and healthy while they wait for that special furever pet parent and family. We at Animals Can't Talk Rescue and Adoption, Inc. do not euthanize unless the animal is suffering and has no hope of recovery. Such is not the case with these cats. Many FIV+ cats live long and happy lives with no incident of illness. The stigma of the disease is not unlike the difficulties that humans face who have contracted AIDS. FIV cannot transfer to humans or dogs. Even in other cats, FIV is mainly passed from cat to cat through deep bite wounds, the kind that usually occur outdoors during aggressive fights and territorial disputes—the perfect reason to keep your cat inside. (ASPCA)

If you can't adopt, please consider donating or sponsoring one of these cats. If you have fundraising abilities, please contact us.

New Building Proposal

Many cats are infected with the feline aids virus or leukemia. These cats can live long lives, but must be kept separate from those not infected. Our plan is to provide housing and care for these unfortunate felines.

Animals Can't Talk Rescue and Adoption, Inc. is working to provide such a home. The animals will receive a safe environment, good food and needed medical attention until an appropriate family can adopt them. We are also looking at commercial properties where we can sell our products (shirts, cups, pens, and tote bags) with our logo on it to help defray operating costs.

The funding requested is for the housing. The entire amount would be used for either full purchase or a down payment on a property. Animals Can't Talk Rescue and Adoption, Inc. is a 501 C-3 organization which operates completely by volunteers. This is our first attempt for capital funding. All other fundraising has been for spay/neuter/rescue.
All monies are 100% used for the animals (their care/upkeep/health management), until adopted.

B.O.U.N.D. Bringing Our Unfortunate Neighbors Dignity

Animals Can’t Talk Rescue and Adoption, Inc. has proposed a new program where special funds are set aside for people who need help with their pet cats due to circumstances beyond their control. Together we can make a difference. Reaching out to those who need us the most is our goal. Providing the peace of mind that a treasured pet will be cared for instead of euthanasia or worse… let loose on the streets. This will allow our residents who have fallen on hard times a glimmer of hope and the ability to focus on picking up the pieces of their lives.

Won’t you please help us to help them? To admit defeat is demoralizing. Loss of a pet can lead to years of regret, not to mention pain, suffering and a broken heart of an animal that does not understand what has happened. The families that are received into this program will be awarded a voucher for vet care if needed, food and medicines for their cat/dog. This will allow our neighbors time to get back on their feet without worrying how to financially care for their beloved pet. We hope that this will reduce the number of cats that are abandoned in our community

Any donations will make a difference in someone's life.

Our new project, H.A.V.E.N. is under development to obtain a new building for the rescue cats that are housed within Animals Can't Talk Rescue and Adoption, Inc.

Currently, our President, Naomi Gauntlett, gives shelter to the cats waiting for adoption in her personal residence. We hope to acquire funding/grants to change this.
Our goal is to find a house/building that is larger than the 1167 Woodland Drive Penn Estates address which we will call H.A.V.E.N.

This will be a safe and welcoming place for cats to live until a permanent home can be found. We also hope to have some property so a fenced-in area (cat fence) could give shelter and food to feral cats that have been neutered. There are many foreclosed homes in the Pocono Region, so we believe we could find a location at a reasonable cost.

If you or your business would like to contribute or request more information about this project, please contact us!
All donations are tax deductible
Animals Can't Talk Rescue and Adoption, Inc.
1167 Woodland Drive
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

R.O.A.M. (Reduce Our Animal Masses)

Our newest project! We are seeking funding to support our TNRM Program. We hope to prevent the feral cats in our community from multiplying. We also hope to care for and adopt the cats that can be socialized. Lastly, we want a management program to feed the feral cats as they live out their lives. The initial phase of this program will center on the property in Penn Estates where there are existing feral colonies.

These colonies have been managed for years; however, due to the rise in foreclosures, there is also a rise in the population of free roaming cats. Wherever there are pet owners who through either desperate times or just indifference let their un-spayed or non-neutered cats outside to fend for themselves, there will be a need to control the population so that it does not become unmanageable. By caring for these animals we are giving them a better life, lowering the instance of cats eating birds, getting into garbage, spraying, fighting and contracting/spreading disease.

We hope for your support to make a difference in the lives of the cats and for the well being of our community.


Companies Assisting Rescue Efforts Here is a list of local businesses that have contributed to Animals Can't Talk Rescue and Adoption, Inc. Please visit them and mention our site. If your business would like to make a contribution to our rescue, please feel free to contact us. We would love to add you to our list of friends. We accept money, or donations such as gift certificates or goods that can be used as fundraisers. If you have other ideas, contact us! We would love to hear from you. Thank you for considering us!

Would you like to know more about us? Please click for our Annual Report (PowerPoint) (PDF).
Click here for pdf format for H.E.L.P. H.A.N.D. Positive Felines or H.A.V.E.N. Programs.

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