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Update: Maddox has been Adopted!
Maddox Story

2. Maddox's wounds are healing up nicely and she was showing
me a lot of love yesterday. After all this poor girl has been
through - she picked up on the fact that humans can care.

1. Maddox, an 11 week old kitten, who was found covered in
maggots, with burns on her body, and sores in her mouth needs
your help. The burns were consistent with having fireworks set
off on her. We learned that she is also very afraid of loud and
sudden noises. Despite all of this, she is still sweet and enjoys
the love she gets. She started her stay with us at the vet, and
then came home to the rescue. Her wounds opened up and she
returned to the vet over a week ago where they are giving her
careful attention and bathing her multiple times per day. The
wounds are now 85-90% healed and she will stay at the vet until
the scabbing is gone.

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