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Lost Cat - Jasper
Kimberley Mosher
Phone Number
(850) 2913388
Lost 11-21-2017
Jasper is a neutered male cat.
He is 1 year and four months old.
He is a white Siamese mix with
a black and white ringtail.
He has very blue eyes.
Last seen outside his home in
West Stroudsburg
off West main Street/ rt 209
on Pioneer Road.



All gray cat in Broadheadsville.

If you see Trudy, please call



Post 9/27/2017

Our cat Miss. Kitty got out on Friday night and she hasn't
come home yet. She does go out from time to time but
always stays around the house and comes back when its
dark. We are worried because she is de-clawed.
( we found her like that )
If anyone lives in Cresco near Snow Hill Road or knows
anyone in the area please share, maybe someone has
seen her or even has her. She's super friendly. She has
a white flea collar on, she has extra toes on her front
paws that make her feet look like she's wearing furry
mittens and is missed terribly by me, the fella and our
.If you do see her, please grab her, she cant scratch you
and doesnt bite. I will come and get her asap Just shoot
me a text at

or message me here.
Thank you so much for any help!!

Lost Cat
Name James LaBar Phone Number
(570) 8567381
E-mail jplabar@gmail.com
Date Pet was lost 07-30-2017
Tater (1 yearish)
He was lost in East Stroudsburg on Dry Run Road.
Lost Cat
Full Name Jonnie Ojedis
Phone Number (267) 4105216
E-mail jonnie.ojedis@onelodging.com
Lost Date Pet was lost 08-11-2017
Elly Ojedis female age 4 years
Elly is all white underneath
all 4 legs and paws are white.
She is all black on top
with brown mixed in and
her face is half white and black.
She has green eyes and
she has a heart conditon

Elly was lost in Pen Argyl PA
area on Pen Argyl street
She got out of an open window

Lost Cat

Caroline Vincent Phone Number (570) 994-8949


Lost or Found Lost Date
Pet was lost/found Friday, August 19, 2016

Willie, 4 Year Old Orange Tabby, Neutered Male.

Green Eyes Please tell us where the pet was lost/found

Lost at 840 Fawn Rd, East Stroudsburg PA

Lost Cat

Jean DiBello Phone Number (570) 6561538


Lost or Found Lost Date Pet was lost/found
Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tiger / male/ about 1-1/2 years old , neutered

Please tell us where the pet was lost/found
Last seen near Monroe lake,
by tego lake road in east stroudsburg

Lost Cat

Christine Keelan Phone Number
(570) 517-6442 E-maildagrunt13@gmail.com
Lost or Found Lost Date
Pet was lost/found Sunday, September 18, 2016


The Evergreens @ Burger Hollow Road
and Short Ridge Drive.
Near Effort/Gilbert/Kresgeville.

Sparky. Neutered Male,
1 year and two months old. 10 Lbs.


Submission Date 2016-01-03
Owner - Haley Rowlands
Phone Number (607) 6549802
E-mail haley_in_japan@yahoo.com
LOST CAT Thursday,
December 31, 2015
Storm / male / 4 years old
Lost in the Brodheadsville area,
intersection of Charles
Court Rd and Frable Rd.
He has been sited in Effort as well.


This is an 8 year old FRONT DECLAW.
Went missing in EASTON.
He has no way to defend himself in outdoors.

Please SHARE.

call Chet at


Rosa, 5 years, but looks like an older kitten
Date Pet was lost/found 11-16-2015

Rosa hangs out on Braeside Ave
in East Stroudsburg.

She likes to go out for an hour or so and come home.
She is a hunter, although she is very small.
She has a respiratory problem which requires medicine.
She gets very congested and sneezes.

Marty Davey, MS, RD, LDN

Phone Number (570) 4208276

E-mail marty_davey@yahoo.com

Jasper, male, 6 years old. Gray and
white on stomach up to chin and white on paws.

Has a chipped upper canine tooth
on (his) right side.
Wearing a black collar with a silver bell.
Please tell us where the pet was lost/found
Lost in Marshalls Creek, on (hutson hill)
Marshalls Creek Road in East Stroudsburg.

Julia Rasmussen Phone Number
(570) 688-5308
E-mail j.rasmussen@mail.com

URGENT Please Help Lost Cat

Owner distraught.

His named is Snackie,

last seen by Buttonwood Court & King Street
East Stroudsburg PA around May 2015.
He has a micro chip. From the daughter...

"Here is a picture of my Dad's lost cat,
he has a micro chip registered to my Dad.
Please share to help bring him home.
My phone number is
Thanks "

UPDATE: Herbie Found His Way Home! June 29
Please Help Bring Herbie Home

Date 25 06 2015

Name Nancy Wilcox

Home Phone 570-236-9852

Email nacygirl@hotmail.com

Pet Type Cat Pet Name Herbie

Breed Tabby Color brownish black

Gender Male Where was the animal Lost or Found?
Lost off of 115 Toll Road, near
Indian Mountain Lakes & Sierra View

Additional Information Neutered male cat,
4 years old overweight - is timid.

Went missing off of route 115 Toll Road,
near Sierra View / Indian Mountain Lakes.

Date Submitted Oct. 6, 2014

Missing tuxedo cat named
Little Man
Missing from section
K PCP Knollwood drive.
Before speed bump.
Last seen on Friday 10/3/2014.
He belongs to my sick father
who is devastated.
If you have found or
seen him please
call Ellen

570 242 3108.

Thank you

Update-Sept 3, 2014From owner:
Nemo came home tonight.
Although she was tired, hungry and skinny,
she's okay and we couldn't be happier.
Thank you.

Date Submitted Sept 2, 2014

Lost cat in the Brislin Rd/Shafers School House
Rd/Rimrock Rd area of Stroudsburg. Her name is
Nemo. Please, if anyone has seen her please tag
me; we're devastated.
Last seen about a week ago.
My phone number is 570-234-9020

Date Submitted July 22, 2014

Oliver is an indoor cat who got out on the night of
July 18, 2014 and has been missing since.
We live in the Stroudsburg area.
He is an orange tabby cat, neutered and a year old.
Please contact me if you see
him or any cat resembling him!
I would come check it out!
All help is greatly appreciated a
nd we just want him home safe. Michaela:
Phone #: 570-856-9644

Date Submitted July 7, 2014

LOST CAT Domino has been missing
for a week now.
We moved to Bushkill township in
Northhampton County
on 6/29 and he went missing
the morning of 6/30.

We are contacting all areas we can,
since we are in a few area and
have no idea where he will go.
We used to live in Allentown city in Lehigh county,
so we are looking there also.

Please contact me if you receive
a cat that resembles
Domino and I or my husband
Jim will be happy to come and
see if it is our Domino.

We really appreciate all help we can get!

Name: Domino - male, black and white tuxedo cat;
about 4 years old; has front claws

Skittish and will run easily, approach slowly

Last seen on Marsh Lane in Wind Gap
and went missing on 6/30/14
If you find me, please call:

Jimi: 908-477-7327 or
Charlene: 717- 576-0116

The Center for Animal Health and Welfare:
610-252-7722 option 6

Wind Gap non-emergency police line:

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Date Submitted 10/10/2013
Woo is still missing. It's been almost 3 weeks.
Lost from ivy ridge on 209 next to Lake Valhalla.
Please if anyone sees him bring him inside. He's
super sweet. I will come get him right away. Just
message me!



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