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Found 8/23/2016

Penn Estates.

Found in Section F on the deck of a resident.

Person left cat in front of rescue in a box.

Empty box found on doorstep later when Naomi arrived.

Cat was luckily found and brought to Barton Heights Vet.


Found on the deck at 322 Somerset Drive, Penn Estates

PLEASE CALL 570-242-2846


Submitted 3/18/2016

This cat has been seen at ESU.
She is believed to be declawed and pregnant.

Volunteers have been feeding and are
now attempting to trap.
If you recognize this cat, please contact our rescue.




UPDATE: January 30, 2016
The Kitty has been adopted by the rescuer!
Wonderful ending to the story!
New name is Ziggy.

We wish them both a happy life together.

FOUND CAT in Stroudsburg

Becky Hare

(570) 234-5047

E-mail bnrh2005@gmail.com

Found 01-20-2016

Found this very scared cat outside the door of my apt.
in the Wallace Building on Main St in Stroudsburg.


This is from a good samaritan:

FOUND CAT "Hello, on January 9th, 2013,
we found a cat.
I live in the Great Bear Golf Course near Middle Smithfield,
which is also where we found her.
This cat was sitting on a rock and didn't run
when we tried to approach it.
It looks like an orange tabby cat
and I think that it is a female, but I'm not sure.
It is rather small also and extremely friendly.
We picked her up because we weren't sure if she
had a warm place to be in because of the cold weather.
She doesn't have a collar and I don't think that she is
declawed at all. I have a picture also, thank you so much!"

Kelly F

UPDATE: Owner found - January 14th, 2014


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