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Cleo's Tale
Hi Naomi,
Cleo is fitting in well here. My daughter Callie
absolutely adores her and Cleo is like her little
shadow. We love having Cleo here, she is so
sweet and loving. I have attached some pictures
for you. Thank you again for the new addition to
our family. I can assure you that she is in great
Sincerely, Jocelyn

Luna & Shadow's Tale
(Kingston and Harlow)
Hi All,
I just wanted to thank everyone we dealt with,
it was a great experience. Kingston and Harlow
(now Luna & Shadow), took about 5 minutes to
scope out their new home, then it was off to the
races! Let’s just say they slept really well that first
night! My wife is very crafty, and likes to design
and build things, so she got right down to work the
next day and started making lots of toys, a “perch”
and little cubby areas for them to enjoy. And both
of them loved “helping” their new mom build all the
toys and the perch, along with doing laundry! And
like most parents who have young children in the
home who start to walk, you realize quickly that
what you thought was baby/cat proof, is not! Plus
things you don’t think about, like plants. My wife
has tons of them and we had to search all of them
to see which had to be moved and which could
stay. All in all, Luna & Shadow and their new
family are having a great time getting to know
each other.
Thank you, The Jacobi Family

Elroy's Tale
Hello Naomi, Sorry for the late response. I did
not notice the email till now. but he's doing
wounderful. He's fitting right in and his leg is
great ! he's bouncing around like nothing every
happened! Thank you so much for allowing me
to adopt him. He's a nut case
but he's my nut case
I'm just happy he likes his new home
P.S: Attached are some photos of
him and his big sister

Cheeto's Tale
He's doing very well. Cuddles in bed at night and
loves to play. Runs around the house and is doing
so great. He warmed up pretty quick too and is
eating and all now. Thank you again so much for
letting us adopt him

Smokey's Tale
He's very good. A very spunky kitten. He loves
affection and he's very clumsy, but he made
himself right at home. I'm very thankful that I
got the chance to meet you wonderful people
and I got to meet my dream cat.

Milo Update
Happy Halloween Naomi....I'm doing great!
Thank you for saving me! As you can see it's all
about "ME."
He's the most lovable cat! Trust me he's in charge
here esp with my two shepherds! You touched his
life and ours! Bless you...bless you all!

Spike and Peterson's Tale
In their new home!

Jagger's Tale
Jagger's Happy Family

Donald and Eileen's Tale
Donald and Eileen in their new home.
They own the place already

Sonny's Tale
Sonny is slowly settling in. He was a Penn Estates stray

Edna's Tale
She is settling in great!
She already took over the couch.

Hi. Just an update on Pepper (Betty Lou).
Having a fun time exploring her new home,
new brother and all the new toys.
Still having sneezing and sniffling issues
due to kalisi virus but it doesn't interfere
with her day to day. She is extremely
active and playful. So glad to have her here!
Thanks so much, Ann Jack.

Pepper's Tale
Hi.. sorry to respond so late but I've been busy canning!
Pepper (Betty Lou) is progressing wonderfully.
She is now out of my bedroom and exploring the rest of
the house, even her new brother Scout.
She seems to have a slight cold, sneezing and stuffiness,
so going to vet in about half hour. I will keep you guys updated!

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