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Calvin's Tale
Calvin (black) with his buddy in his new home.

Lenora and Tara's Tale
The cats are doing terrific -- it took a few days for the black cat to come out of hiding but
they've adjusted well and are getting along and playing together - Ann

Hamilton's Tale
Everything is perfect. He fits right into our family. The dogs even love him! He is the best cat ever

Gizmo and Chubby's Tale

Hi, Just wanted to let you know that Gizmo and Chubby are adjusting well. Here are some pictures of them.
Thank you for everything.

Bertie's Tale

Bertie is fitting in really well
and is a happy little guy for sure.
He loves the kids and his litter mate Peaches,
and loves snuggling with us
on the couch in the blankets.

Noah's Tale

Original Story
Adopted! Thank you Derek Kleintop!
Noah has a lovely personality. He needs an experienced pet parent as he has a heart condition that will require medication twice a day for life. He's a super gentle and friendly cat that would be a wonderful addition to your family.

Oscar's Tale
This is Ali now renamed Oscar; hid for a few days, now is out and about. Doing well now!

Leia and Jedi's Tale
Leia and Jedi in their new home.

Snowball's Tale
He is the coolest cat - ever! Fit right in, out of the carrier on Saturday and he walked around like he'd been there forever.
My older grandson... Loves him and leaves his door open so he can come in and hang with him.

Casey's Tale
We're calling him Casey he's settled right in . He's very playful, he purrs when u rub his belly.

Christine's Tale
She is doing fantastic! She's a puddle of love and she is infatuated with all my chargers! I use several alarms in the morning, I snooze... after the first one... it's party time for her!

Masha's Tale

Helen in the cat tree - she loves my cats and dogs but is still very shy around us and doesn't allow us to pet her Owl is fighting with my other cat In the next pic, my other cat is grooming him (it's like husband and wife)

Fern's Tale
Good morning! Sending you an update on Cordelia who we now call "Fern". It's been a little over a week since she's been home. At first she hid. (First picture) and then slowly starting coming around. She took a liking to my 9 month old daughter which we thought was strange because most cats are afraid of her and of course our daughter LOVES her. They literally play together and share toys. It's almost hard to believe unless you actually see it! And now, as of yesterday she's taken full reign of the entire house and seems to be 100% comfortable and happy. Even running out to our feet when she hears us get home or wake up in the morning. I never anticipated how well she's adjust or that her and my daughter would take a liking to each other so well. It's heart warming. So glad we found her! Thank you!

Starlight's Tale
Hello, my name is Sakeena and my family and I adopted a black and white cat you called "Marsha". I just want to let you know that she is such a joy to have in our family and she gets along with the kids so well. My daughter renamed her "Starlight" and we love her very much. Here is a picture of her in her bed. We are taking very good care of her and want to thank everyone at the shelter for bringing her into our lives.

Moo, Kaitlynn and Julian's Tale

Here are the kids, relaxing and getting to know their new home. Moo is quick and rambunctious, she loves cuddling and playing. She is determined to explore everything! Kaitlynn is quieter than her sister, but is enjoying sniffing at everything and occasionally chasing her own tail. Julian has sought out as many hiding places as he can, and while he's usually content to spend his time looking out on the world. He's joined the girls for a cozy cuddle in their new cat bed, and is exploring his surroundings at his own pace. He's not a big cuddler (yet), but he's very interested in the treats we've offered him! They are all three already becoming a part of our family!

Update: Callie is now known as Peach
Hi Naomi! Since the holidays are over for the most part and everything calmed down a bit more, I managed to get some really cute pictures, and even a festive one! We have also started calling Callie, Peach, since she reacted more to it as it started out as a nickname! She loves to play fetch, beg for human food relentlessly, and wake me up by licking my nose at 6:30am! Her and Simba get along much better now, which happened quicker than I thought it would. She doesn't like sitting in your lap but won't stop until she can take a nap on your chest! Simba seems a lot less lonely now and I don't feel so bad leaving for work!

Callie's Tale
Callie is fine with our other cat, she actually gets excited when she sees him. But he's stone cold at the moment, which I expected. He hisses and growls like he usually does when we get a new furry family member. It takes him about one or two weeks to stop growling and hissing as much. Such a grumpy old man! She did however warm up quickly after arriving, only an hour or two of hiding before she came around to play and get pet! She's now more eager to explore the whole house and used the stairs right away, which I thought she'd be afraid of because they are floating stairs!

Minerva's Tale

Good evening! Thank you so much for letting us adopt Nittany today. She's a lovely early Christmas present. Her new name is Minerva, Mini for short! She's making herself very comfortable in our home. She is full of love and affection, and we couldn't be happier to extend our family.

July's Tale

Persephone's Tale

Persephone settled in wonderfully, there was a small amount of hissing from the older cat Sally. But after 3 days there was no more hissing. We renamed her Belle. She is a very curious cat she loves watching the deer in the yard, and watching the fish in our tank. She made herself at home and has her toy mice all over the house. She is the perfect fit for our family. Thank you

Larry's Tale
After "fostering" Larry, we decided that he HAD to be another addition to our family (we're not very good at fostering). he fits in perfectly and already bumped up to king of the house :)
Mittens' Tale
Hereís a couple of picís of Mittens. His favorite spot when I wale up or come home from work. I sit at the kitchen table on my computer, and he has to come join me like clock work.

Alysa's Tale

Hi Naomi! We adopted the beautiful calico cat named Alysa about six weeks ago and fell in love with her immediately! She couldn't wait to jump into open arms to be held and snuggled! It took only a day for her to start adjusting to our other cats; playtime here is so much fun she didn't want to get left out! We enjoy setting up good photo opportunities so please enjoy these! Looks like Thanksgiving wasn't just for the humans this year... Thank you for all your hard work with our feline friends, Anna & Bob W.

Leyla and Stormy's Tale

Hi Naomi.. Leyla is doing much better since bringing Stormy home.. they both are staying with us in the living room and getting along fine. I guess Leyla just wanted another cat in the house.

Justice and Tiny's Tale

Attached is a pic of him with his new friend Tiny...She came from a family that didn't hold her much, so shes kind of feral...She wont let any of us pet her, but she LOVES Justice. He is doing great, and he is so friendly with my 4 year old son Travy....Just like the last orange cat he had, he is like the most social cat in the world, he loves attention, i wish Tiny was more like him..Hopefully she will come around, I just got her fixed and all her shots so I am crossing my fingers. Let me know if you would like anymore pics!!! Thank you for the awesome cat!

Update:Jake and Toby's Tale

Hi Naomi,
Just wanted to give you an update on Jake (formally Tigger) and pass along a photo. It has been a very long 5 1/2 months with many ups and down. For the first couple of months we hardly saw him. We then tried different things to entice him to come out. From under the desk he watched Toby (ACT alumni formally know as Rusty) play with a laser toy and a toy on a stick.
After about a week of watching he finally joined it. At the time he would only play if Toby was playing we couldn't get him to play solo with us. Jake still runs when we walk into a room that he's already in. But now he's only gone a few minutes instead of days and he does come out when called. Yes, he knows his name and he does come when called. Just in the last couple of weeks we have actually caught him playing with toys by himself. As you can see, he's taking to sleeping in bed with us. I'm just not sure if it's us he wants to sleep with or if he's in bed because that is where Toby sleeps.
In the photo, Toby is snuggled next to my husband and Jake is snuggled next to Toby. Jake has learned that the couch and the bed are great places for catnaps. On furniture is a lot more comfy than under furniture. I just want you to see how far Jake had come. Is everything perfect? No, but looking at him and comparing his behavior from then to now you wouldn't believe the change. It's hard to believe that he is the same cat that I cried over because he hated us so much and wanted nothing to do with us. (My husband still has the bite scar on his face to prove it.)
Anyway, I just wanted you to know how a lot and I mean a lot of patience and love turned Jake's life around. Everyday he's become more and more of a pet.
Denise Vrana

Jake and Toby's Tale

Look who came out of hiding!! Sure, Jake is still hiding behind Toby (an ACT graduate formally known as Rusty) and most of him is behind the curtains but after almost six weeks of being under the furniture this is a big step for him. I guess the talk I gave Toby about engaging his new brother more is working. Toby is normally "a sleep in bed with us at night" cat but for the last two night he and Jake have been spending the night together on a blanket on top of my dresser. Which is Toby's normal daytime napping spot. I know this isn't a great photo of Jake (Tigger) but I'm so proud of him for coming out of his comfort zone, I just had to share.
Hopefully a great photo of Jake is just around the corner now and I will send it to you as soon as it happens. Denise Vrana

Janet's Tale
Janet, adopted on Saturday at PetSmart, with her new mom. So sweet and happy!

Justice's Tale

Happy in her new home

Sophie's Tale
Hi Naomi We adopted Sophie at the end of May and after 4 months she has gone from hiding under our bed and running away in fear whenever anyone looked at her to walking around comfortably and confidently and coming to us when we call her. She is a member of our family now and we love her. So proud of her progress. Thanks Erin

Buckeye's Tale

Happy in New Home

Update: Buddies!
Update: Milo's Tale

Hi Naomi...sendin you a cool breeze from a "cool cat" on these hot days of summer. This face says it all...it's a face you saved from abandonment, saddness and hunger! YOU did that! Your determined love for us saved me. Now life is awesome! You are a feline's fairy godmother and a feline's friend! Lots of love, Tom now known as Milo

Jeremy's Tale
Jeremy settled in his new home

Lee Ann, Penelope and Emily's Tale
Hi Naomi, Just wanted to let you know Penelope finally settled into the house with the other cats. It took her FOREVER!!! Much to my surprise she loves hanging out with the other cats. She still hides when a stranger comes in, but at least she does not hide from us anymore. Hope all is well with the rescue. Mary Jane Tuttle

Shawna's Tale

Morning, here is one I have on my phone. Shawna is doing well and a bit more comfortable ... She likes my daughter Kayla very much. She sleeps in her room. Kayla's toys are in her room. Kitty is still somewhat shy, but it's getting better ..

Chloe's Tale

Chloe (formerly known as Lynn) is wonderful! Thank you for matching us! Thank you for rescuing her and for making her a part of our family.

Kerpie and Kuzcos' Tale

Hey there! Sorry I have not gotten to you. I have been sick so I'm a bit forgetful. We renamed them Kerpie (girl) and Kuzco (boy). They are doing awesomely! Byron has taken to them well and watches after them. He and Kuzco play around while he and Kerpie snuggle. Byron will give up his favorite spots for them.

There's is lots to play with here and fun toys I bring out for more adventure. They have healthy appetites and sleep with us at night. Kerpie and Kuzco settled in with our family quickly like they were meant to be here. They really love the heated beds. They had a vet visit today to introduce them and make sure they are doing alright. They got a couple of shots not on thier paperwork and are resting now. They both have unique personalities that shine through. Kerpie will watch over her brother, plays at times, but really likes to snuggle yet will let you know when she's hungry! Lol She is more curious and explores everywhere.

Kuzco likes to run and play all the time but wants cuddle time too. He does try to hog food, toys, and playtime. He can be a little shy sometimes but will get courage and follow his sister. Both took well to the house when they got here and aren't afraid of Byron. They respect him and give him his space which is what I was hoping would happen.

Byron keeps track of them to make sure they're okay. They are a bit of a handful but they've found a place in our hearts already. My husband was really attached to our 18 year cat that passed this year. I know he didn't want more cats but these two have melted his heart and he named Kuzco from one of his favorite Disney movies, The Emporer's New Groove.

Sids' Tale
Hello Naomi! Sid is doing very well. He has to be the most loving cat I have ever been around. Loves to sleep and snuggle! Here is a photo of him from last night with my oldest daughter.

Buttons' Tale
Very Happy Kitty

Frank's Tale

Frank happy in his new home.

Raven's Tale

We call her Raven and she is wonderful. She is a very playful and loving kitten. She is doing fine.

This is her this morning! She is so curious about everything. We love her!!

Ezra's Tale
Thought you would enjoy this pic. I was attempting to do paperwork today.. He was overly curious and wanted to be my "helper"... he took a liking to the printer. He pushed the top up and climbed in for a nap.. needless to say, it took a bit longer to get my work done than usual. The kitties are doing great! Their a wonderful addition to our family.

Peyton's Tale

On her daddy's leg resting.

Echo and Mia's Tale

They're doing well. They have new names. Ginny is Mia and Jacques is Echo.

Echo is afraid if everything so he's been a bit harder to get adjusted. We started with him in our 10x10 bathroom with a bed, food, water, and litter. That has expanded to our room. Now he runs out in the main house, the minute he hears a noise, he scoots under the bed. He needs attention in the middle of the night. At first he wasn't eating so I he gave him some of my salmon and he devoured it. He's coming around, but needs lots of holding.

Mia took over the minute she got here. She runs around and definitely claimed us right away. She doesn't like being held at all, but loves being rubbed.

Little Bear's Tale
Could not be happier, bit of a climber, he gets along fine with my other cat. Very affectionate once he warms up to people.

Liberty and Freedom's Tale
Hi Naomi, Here are some pictures as promised. They are just wonderful Nancee Gormley
Mandarin's Tale

Update: Photo
We are so in love with our new buddy. He's making himself right at home. He's doing awesome!

Fitzpatrick's Tale
Fitzpatrick loves his new home!

Frankie's Tale
Frankie is doing Great! He is playing with his new sister Pearl (Chiuaua) and settling in to his new Forever home. He loves to eat and sit in his box!

Clemens' Tale
Buddy (the dog) thinks Clemens is a toy. So slowly introducing him. My kids are very happy with him. Now they really don't come out of their room.

Update: Darla
Darla's adjustment period is well over with and she's very happy here and perfect for me and even gives kisses. Learning to use a new camera so pics will be coming soon. Dr. Weiss is coming Weds to look her over and give her a chip.

Darla's Tale

Darla is still a bit nervous but otherwise rite at home, she snuggled in my arms and took a nap with me, ate a bowl of food, explored and claimed the loft as hers, sits on my lap and likes looking out the window. I think we'll be a great pair. Dr Weiss will be coming up to examine and chip her. will have pictures on facebook soon.

Fluff's Tale

My husband and I walked into petsmart Saturday with the intention of just buying our other two cats food and moving on with the rest of our errands. We rounded the corner and like always stopped to give some attention to the cats up for adoption. As we made our way down enclosure reading about each one we came across fluff. This big round ball of fur (she was napping when we saw her). I started to read her story and just knew we had to take her home.
After a very short discussion with my husband we decided we needed to give her a place to be her forever home. Taking her home that night she was a bit nervous not wanting to be bothered, I worried for a short time whether or not she would get along with our other two cats.... well she fits right in and made herself known from the start. She's warmed up nicely and has found her place in our bed for sleeping and her comfy places for throughout the day. We also learned last night that even at 13 she has spunk left in her and enjoys playing with toys!
Thank you for all you do and letting us bring home this wonderful addition to our little family.

Casey and Ruby's Tale

I have to tell you how happy we are with our new kitty(Chase) Casey...she is so loving and affectionate plus she and (Charlotte) Ruby have become fast friends and play together all the time.
Thank you so much Lauren

Chloe's Tale

She is settling in fine. Here are a few pics of her. My family loves her and she loves to sleep on my daughters bed with her.

Updated Photo

Annette's Tale

Hi Naomi, She is doing great! She warmed up to us nicely and still is exploring the house quite a bit to see it all. She seems to have her own schedule for eating so we donít push it, but she eats enough anyway. She is a bit skittish but I am sure thatís just getting used to stuff and her new home. Hoping to get a cool pic for you soon! Thanks, Robert and Vicky Cullen

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