We hope you enjoy reading these happy endings as much as we did helping to make them happen.

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Anyone interested in an older cat, PLEASE CALL, WE HAVE MANY.

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Felix the Cat's Tale

This little guy wandered up on my deck on
New Yearís Eve, emaciated and covered in
fleas. ACT helped me with a visit to
Creature Comforts where he was bathed,
combed and treated for fleas.
What a difference in him now. He is purrfect!
Very happy and lazy on all the blankets.
Eating, drinking, playing, no fleas,
part of our family. I wouldn't trade him for the
world. Thank you so much for your help
yesterday with Creature Comforts, he's
like a new boy. See you saturday at Petsmart.


Roma's Tale

I adopted Roma a couple of months ago and
it has been by far the best decision I have ever
made. I was a little skeptical, I "visited" her in
the shelter a couple times a week just to see
her and finally said "I have to do it, I can't pass
her up". I put in my adoption papers and waited
for the day I got a call to be able to pick her up.
Ever since then she has been an absolute
dream. She's very energetic, curious, and most
of all lovable. I am a very big cat person and
have been around too many to count in my
lifetime but Roma, is by far the most incredible.

I would adopt from
Animals Can't Talk again in a heartbeat.

Kramer's Tale

Naomi and All at ACT, Here are a few pictures
of Kramer (Boe)...he is truly a special kitty. His
rechristening was a result of two factors: one,
our previous kitty was "Boo" and it sounded
awfully close, so we wanted to make sure his
personality didn't get lost in the legend of our
previous little guy (and believe me, he was
indeed legendary). Two, and even more
importantly, Kramer is named after the character
from "Seinfeld" - a show I never really watched,
but the character is a cultural icon. Well, Boe
very quickly displayed for us his hilarious habit
of exploding into the room, skidding to a halt,
and looking around as if to say "hey, I'm cool,
and I meant to do that!" Hence - Kramer!

Thanks for everything -

Dasher's Tale

I figured I'd send a few pictures of Blitzen,
who we now call Dasher. Turns out his new
name fits very well! He dashes around the
house at top speed daily. He's the sweetest
cat and really a comedian. I don't think he's
ever failed to make someone laugh. I'm so
glad we got the privilege to adopt him. :)


Maria and Sully's Tale
Hello Naomi -

They are settling in very well. A delightfully
energetic pair :) They are eating and drinking
well, and are discovering all nook and crannies
of the house. We love having them here.
I've attached two pictures.
Thank you. -Marcus

Update: Catniss
My family adopted "Paris" in September at a
Petsmart event. She is such a great kitty, and
has really bonded with my daughter and my
husband. I'm pretty sure she loves me, too ;-).

She snuggles my daughter alot!

Catniss's Tale

Hi! We just wanted to let you all know that
Paris is doing great! We renamed her Catniss
(after a character in my favorite book). She is
very playful, and purrs whenever she sees us.
Even the dog likes having her around. She is a
very sweet kitty and we're so happy to have her!
Her favorite place in the house is the screened
in porch where she can sit and look out the
windows at all the birds and squirrels, but we
WON'T let her out!! She's much too adorable to
risk loss or injury. The kids are already very
attatched to her. Thank you!! Nicole Ferreby

Cricket's Tale
Iíve attached a few pics of the kitten we adopted
from you. His name was Prince Eric but we
changed it to cricket. We love him very much.
Thanks. Cricket hasn't stopped purring since
we brought him home last year. Heís an amazing
cat. Heís never hissed despite being hissed at
by three other kitties. He barely makes a peep.
And here's a video of him playing fetch

MeowMeow's Tale

MeowMeow back with his mom in
her new home in Alaska

Andromeda's Tale

My Husband and I have one cat, named Levy
which is short for leviathan, at home that was
lonely after his best friend next store moved.
We decided, to find him a new best friend after
many long night of levy crying.
ďAnimals Canít TalkĒ help us find Levy a
friend. We brought home an 8 month old black
and white cat for him to play with. We named
her Andromeda but we call her Ann for short.
After a few short weeks they became best
friends. She and Levy love playing together.
Ann loves to hind around the house. Her favorite
hiding spot is in our book case. They have tons
of toys that they play with. We are so happy that
Ann is part of our family. We would like to thank
ďAnimals canít talkĒ and pet smart for helping
us with the adoption process.

From, Alyssa, Bill, Levy and Ann

Henry's Tale
Thank you for helping us adopt Henry.
Best Regards,
Melissa and Matt

Update on August
August's Tale

Hello Everyone and Happy Holidays, Just wanted
to share a picture of August whom we adopted
from your agency He is 1 year and 7 months old
now and doing exceptionally well. He loves his
sister, Shea II, who is a 1 year old pitbull/sharpei.
They love playing around the house and August
likes to drink out of Shea IIís bowl as opposed to
his own. He has his own Christmas stocking
which was bought at PetSmart and it was filled
with goodies of salmon treats he also received
4 toys which Shea II seems to like also, and
Shea received her own gifts under the tree, go
figure. We just want to say
Thank You for all you do.
Have a wonderful New Year.
Felix and Donna Toro Albrightsville, PA
He will be two years old on May 11, 2012.
WE really love him to pieces

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