We hope you enjoy reading these happy endings as much as we did helping to make them happen.

If you have a Happy Tail or have previously sent one but don't see it here, please email us with the story and photo.
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Anyone interested in an older cat, PLEASE CALL, WE HAVE MANY.

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Cashew's Tale

We adopted Cashew in January 2010 from ACT

Karen Stretz Hagen

Toby's Tale

Toby from ACT (the grey cat) and kiterbrook hanging out on our table.

Can't say how happy we are with our rescued cat. We are so glad to give him a home.

Edward Cramer

Tabby's Tale

We adopted Tabby about three months ago. What a wonderful cat. She is very active, loves to play and loves to give kisses. We also discovered that she really likes the Animal Planet network as well, especially the "Too Cute" program.

Thank you Naomi,

Sun & Bob Tramposch


Update: Mario


Remember, Martha in her Halloween picture last year. Well, here she is with her brother Mario (on left) Mario took a little more time to pose for pictures! They love to groom each other and play. So happy I adopted them both. Its been over a year now since coming to our home and we call them our R and R team since they encourage us to rest and relax too!!!!.

Barbara Derrenbacher

Martha's Tale

Hi this is Martha, getting ready for Halloween. We love her and have adopted her brother, Mario, but he is too shy yet for photos. Thanks a million for these great friends.

Barbara Derrenbacher

Heather's Tale

Heather has adjusted very well to her new home. We are keeping her indoors. She is very sweet and friendly.
She loves her toys and her companion Gibby the cat.

We love her very much!

Thank you!

Suzanne Coddington



Flash and Sasha's Tale

Together At Last!!!
First picture attached is of Doc (now Flash) and Carol (now Sasha) Second picture is of Flash and Sasha in the cat bed Third picture is of our Colby with his new sister Sasha Doc (now Flash) and Carol (now Sasha) were adopted on December 17th. As I get better with learning how to download pictures, I will send more (I have lots on my digital camera and don’t know how to get them into an e-mail document, but will learn soon.) These pictures are from the cell phone. We adopted Doc because he was a rather rambunctious kitty and we needed a playmate for our cat Colby. Barry took one look at Carol and knew he couldn’t leave her behind so we ended up adopting the two of them. Doc who is now named Flash lives up to his name. He flies around the house like a lightning bolt! He and Colby are great playmates. He brings much joy and laughter to the family.

Carol who is now named Sasha is doing exactly what we thought she would do….she lays around just to “beautify” the place. She is a Princess (which we knew from the moment we laid eyes on her!) She does; however, have her play time periods, but not as often as Colby and Flash. Flash is quite the ball player (as is our Colby) and he is full of energy. He is a loving little kitty as well and likes to do kisses and snuggle under your chin. Sasha likes to be brushed and held for short periods. She prefers to choose when she wants to snuggle up with you. After all, that is the prerogative of a Princess. Flash is getting along very well with both of our rescue dogs and does kisses with them. Sasha can take or leave the dogs but refuses to let them kiss her…after all, she is a princess and why should she stoop so low as to let a lowly dog kiss her! J They are beautiful kitties and fit in well with our family. We are blessed to have them in our lives. They were great Christmas presents for us. Each cat had received their own new stocking for Christmas filled with toys and treats.

I think Flash and Sasha are quite happy with their new Forever Home and we are thrilled with them.

Debbie & Barry Boushell


Patches/Garfield's Tale

Together At Last!!!
Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that Patches is officially part of our family! It took 1 full week for her to come around and not be so fearful (and to stop hissing and growling at Smokey). Now she is running around the house and jumping up on all the furniture. We call her Patches "Garfield" because of the way she lays on the top of the sofa! Her and Smokey ( our other cat) are good friends now! Thanks for letting us adopt such a sweetheart of a cat!!




Abigail and Silas' Tale

I finally got some new pictures of my little family. Everyone who comes to my house raves about what sweeties they are. Mark Feder made a house call for me last week and said they were "delicious". They are such snugglers. Silas sits on my lap, or any lap he can get on, and rolls over on his back to have his belly rubbed. The first picture is them grooming each other. So cute. That's my PA grandson hugging Abigail. In the picture of them sleeping, note their beds. I bought 4 beds, 2 for upstairs and 2 for downstairs. They sleep wherever they please. Last picture is how I do my paperwork at home. I think Silas is going to be bigger than Abigail.

Timmy's Tale

Hi Everyone!
My name used to be Malcolm, but my new mom calls me Timmy now. I am SOOOOOO happy! My mom thinks I am the best cat ever (and she is right). I have lots of toys, but my favorite is the fishing pole with the feathers on it. I carry it around with me and really enjoy playing with it. When I broke the first one, they went right out and got me another! I sleep next to my mom's face and I make her so happy.
The three chihuahuas I live with are a little annoying but I am king of the house already and those dogs know it! My family says I am beautiful. I purr all the time so they know how happy and safe I feel. Thank you for letting me be adopted by people who love me SO MUCH.
I know I am going to be happy forever!


New photos with the pair in their kitty condo!

Daisy's Tale

Here is Daisy and Ziggy.

She now knows her home and is part of the gang. All of the other eight have accepted her without any challenges. She plays with Ziggy running around the house. Loves her fancy feast cat food and is putting on some nice weight. No kidney problems.

She is our doll baby.

Thank you.


Puck's Tale

Puck is adjusting very well to his new home. He loves exploring and our dog, Boomer. He purrs constantly and loves his belly rubbed. We are so grateful to have such an affectionate male cat in our home.



Jingle's Tale

Jingle is still doing great and her and Milo are getting along better and better. She was actually drinking his water while he ate his food!

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