We hope you enjoy reading these happy endings as much as we did helping to make them happen.

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Pepper's Tale

We adopted "Butter" in September of 2011. Your organization took him in as a very sick kitten who was dropped off... we appreciate that you were honest with us and more importantly for the wonderful care that you took of him! He is now very healthy and has a new name of "Pepper". Pepper is a darling kitty and has brought a lovely and fun energy to our home! He also has a special relationship with Willow, our black lab puppy... they play and even cuddle together too. Pepper will play with (chew on!) Willow's ears and the puppy gives him full body kisses. He's a very spoiled kitten now... as he should be!

Thank you to Petsmart in East Stroudsburg for providing the space for these cats to be seen... and fallen in love with! THANK YOU Naomi and to your passionate volunteers for the incredible "Furry Angel" work that you do in saving these cats... who then become beloved members of our families!

Danielle & Penelope Jordan

Roxy & Callie Girl's Tale

I adopted Emma & Goldie now named Roxy & Callie girl. The first week they were scared but then they came out & did their investigating....they are finally now letting us pet them but they have definately won our hearts. They a a wonderful addition to our family.

Thank you Corinna Corker

Portia's Tale

We have been blessed to have Portia join our family! We have had her for about 6 weeks now and she is bringing us so much joy. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt this beautiful animal. She is doing well and seems to love her new home.


The Constable Family


Charlemagne's Tale

This is my Christmas present to myself. He is happy , playful, affectionate, obedient, and intellegent. He plays well and sleeps well with others and has made himself a member of the tribe.

Thanks for the year, Naomi.



Brewster's Tale

Here's the picture of Brewster (formally Merlin) I said I would send. In this one he is relaxing on our daughter's bed.


I wanted to tell you that you need to rename your shelter to Animals Do Talk. Ellie is the most talkative cat we have ever had. She meows for her food, to get played with and to get petted. She sleeps at the foot of our bed and keeps my feet warm. She always lets us know when she wants something and it's really neat. She really likes to sun herself on the computer room chair and lets you know you have to let her have the back of the seat while you sit on the front of the seat. We love her and are happy to have her as a member of our family. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Ellie's Tale

Hi there! wanted to let you know Ellie is doing great! She has completely surveyed the house and likes the front window sill and her cat pillow. Loves to talk to you when you enter the room, says Meow (here I am come pet me). Comes when you call her and seems very content. Still adjusting to dogs, but no conflicts. She runs through the house like a hot rod; we really enjoy her. She is always coming up to rub on us and get her neck rubs.

Thank you so much for Ellie.

Bruce and Joan Miller


I just wanted to share Mazda sleeping in her cat tree next to the Christmas Tree. Even thought this is not her first Christmas, (that was spent in a cage at Pet Smart last year), we are calling this her first real Christmas with her family.

She is the love our lives and keeps us all young, me and the 3 other cats. She sleeps with her 2 sisters and 1 brother every night on my bed with me. She is so full of life and lots of fun, and loves to eat and loves her treats and her toys.

She is just a joy and we are so glad to have her with us here in our home this Christmas and every Christmas to come. We love her so. Bea Gobee, Ladee Elizabeth, Remington and Bashful and oh yes, Mazda




Mazda's Tale

My Mazda

She sat in one of the Pet Smart cages from July 11, 2010 until May 1, 2011. She is now in her forever home with Ladee Elizabeth, Remington Barbaro & Bashful Gobee. After she spent the first two weeks here under my living room couch, she decided to come out and explore her new home. She is doing very well with her siblings, loves spending time on the deck or inside the house. She is always the first to eat as she lets me know she wants food. Has a cute little loud cry and is loving life. She even loves my 6 year old grandson Ryan when he comes for an over night visit. My thank you goes to all those who were interested in adopting her and didn't due to her temperament. She is a love bug in every sense of the word and I wouldn't give her back for the world. Thank you Naomi for keeping here there at Pet Smart to eventually tug at my heart strings to come home with me. Thank you for letting me adopt her. It was one of the four best moves I made in my life.


Happy Holidays from our girl Angelina!!!! Look at her rolling around in the wrapping papers and playing with her new toy. I will NEVER forget the 3 of you for helping me to help her!!!!

Angelina's Tale

Fate is a funny thing. It’s constantly at work and intervenes when you least suspect it. A prime example would be my sudden urge to peruse the treasures at Harvest Star – an antique store located nearly 80 miles from my home at the Jersey shore. It was there that I first met Angelina and heard her story. It was only a matter of days before I submitted my adoption application. Less than week later, Angelina became a Jerseyshore girl just like me. Her days are spent lounging in the window sills and keeping tabs on the neighbors. I’ve learned that fate might not always give you want you want, but it certainly gave me and Angelina what we needed.
Rebecca Bernaski


Her toy collection has grown and she now needs a basket for them all. Sometimes I have to check my lease to make sure I'm the one who owns the place and not her!

Bumble's Tale

My 17 year-old cat, Furby, had to be put to rest, due to cancer, on December 10, 2010. Upon visiting PetSmart on December 18 with my son, I was speaking with a Animals Can’t Talk volunteer and was telling her how truly heartbroken I was and that Furby was either a Persian or Maine Coon. With that, she advised me that she had a kitten, Blondie (now Bumble), who was a Maine Coon up for adoption and showed her to me. It was love at first sight! I immediately filled out an application and put a deposit on her.

December 22 will be one year that Bumble has been with me and she has brought me so much joy and companionship. I thoroughly enjoy her antics, her constant talking to me, and her affection – I can’t say the dogs feel the same because as sweet as she is with me is as territorial she is with them but they’ve adjusted to my “terror child.” Thank you so much for what you do and for allowing me to adopt Bumble. She really helped fill the hole in my heart after Furby’s passing and she will always be loved!

I absolutely adore her!

Meredith A. Start

Nevada's Tale

She's cute... and funny and affectionate... she follows her big sis Kitty Black everywhere and plays with her too... KB tolerates it and even allows her to eat first... something that she never did with Saskia... however she makes sure Nevada knows who is the boss!!!:.. Nevada´s nickname is the flyer.... she has so much energy she flies the stairs 3 at a time or even 4... since the minute she arrived and got out of the box she found out two things: space and unlimited energy... then after running and jumping around and playing with anything that moves or doesn't move... she collapses until she feels energetic again and repeats the whole thing... one of her favorite activities is eating non stop... her human dad Robert excuses her as being a teenager with the need to eat lots as she's growing...... I hope she doesn't need to go on a diet past her teenager period..... she loves to sleep on your face, or next to eat and has no apologies ...... she goes and does what she wants, even the kitchen counter... I wonder if she wants to be a cook, or only eat... guess!!!

Christina Zabih


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