We hope you enjoy reading these happy endings as much as we did helping to make them happen.

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Mimi's Tale

(Ava now Mimi)

I just wanted to let you know that Mimi has settled in just fine. Is loving her new surroundings. She has found herself a bed to sleep in. Loves playing with my son. I will send more photos soon

Yours truly
The Zengen family

Marigold's Tale

Hello. I received a call from Denise last weekend checking to see how my kitty Marigold, who I adopted on Sept. 3, is doing. I couldn't reach Denise by phone so I'd thought I'd e-mail an update.

He is a beautiful, active, friendly kitty who quickly adjusted to his new home. Within a week he had full access to the house and acted like he's always lived there. He loves to be near Dexter who is about 2 years older than him. Dexter is still warming up to him, but overall it's going better than I could have hoped.

They love to wrestle and occasionally even groom each other. Thank you for providing the service that you do. I've been telling everyone what a good experience I had with the adoption process. Please let me know if you have any questions, and please feel free to follow up on Marigold/Dodger's progress anytime.

Sincerely, Mary Ann Lewis

Alley's Tale

Here is a photo of Nutmeg II who we adopted from Pet Smart on Labor Day. She is a very sweet girl and our old cat is slowly getting used to her. We are calling her Alley.

Kathy and John Kucich


Tibble's Tale

I just wanted to give you an update on Coke, who we adopted from you back in February. We renamed her Tibbles and she is a very happy addition to our family. She has the run of the house. Adopting Tibbles was one of the best decisions we've made.
Thank you again.
Barbara A. Ray

Butterscotch's Tale

Hi there, Back in February I adopted a 18mo Diluted Calico named "Princess Diana". I have since renamed her "Butterscotch", she is doing very well adjusting to her new home. I do have another cat that was a rescue several years ago and she is a 5yr old Black Tortoiseshell named Callie. Butterscotch sure does have alot of patience with Callie but it is Callie that is slowly coming around to having a sister. Butterscotch will only allow my husband & I to pet her and, at times she will jump up on the bed or couch to say hello, she likes to "Flop" to be petted! She will not yet allow me to pick her up and hold her for very long but she is coming around! She Loves Purring & Meowing & Playing with her toys and I give her a little "nip" now and then. Butterscotch came into my life when I really needed her and she needed me too. She's Happy & Healthy and thanks for finding & rescuing her so that I can have such a sweet kitty in my life. I am sending just a few pics of the many that I have of the Princess who I now call Butterscotch!

Yours Truly, Vanessa L Baillis

Sam and Dean's Tale

We renamed Little John and Robin Hood-Sam and Dean, Sam has the pale white stripes on his snout and between his eyes and Dean is the littler one. Sam is adjusting much better he was sitting by the front door when I got in this afternoon and didn't run away. And he stayed and ate some wet food with the others. Dean was hiding under the bed, I lured him out with the red light to play for a while. Our girl cat Ruby still hisses at them, but she does that to the other male that we have. She doesn't want anyone else on the bed. Jesse our Orange cat wrestles with and chases Sam. Sometime Dean will join in, if we are not in the room. Dean always sits by the doorway in any room or under the living room table.

I guess they are doing better, Sam would always cry out when Dean went upstairs or left him for too long, now he just runs around the house. Sam on the left let us brush him last night and we can pet him but not on his head. But they are both still skittish with loud noises and sudden movement. Sam is adopting the moves of our Orange cat Jesse. Jesse will rub against your legs like crazy when waiting to be fed. This morning Sam was rubbing against me. Dean sat across the room and watched, maybe soon Dean will follow suit.


These two cats needed socialization. This owner was kind enough to open his home to the brothers that needed patience and kindness. Such a good story!

Darlene's Tale

I have 3 cats. One of which I had adopted from ACT last year. Now 3 year old, Darlene is a Norwegian Forest cat. She’s doing very well and gets along great with our 2 other boys.


Gracie's Tale

We did not have any adoption plans when we stepped into Petsmart on January 1, 2011. My daughter ran to the cats section and the only cat I could see was this gorgeous longhair grey queen, who was looking at me with the indifferent look of her walnut-shaped yellow-green eyes and apparently was not sure how she ended up there. On January 7, she found her new home with us. It took Gracie a couple of months to adjust and she is still scared of loud noises, dropped objects, phone rings and completely disappears with the first roars of thunder. However she discovered her favorite locations - her condo, window sills, large pillows and of course the safety burrow under a blanket or a hideout in the back of my closet. Her favorite toys are small stuffed birds with feathery tails, fish on a rod but most of all - my daughter's hair rubber bands. She grabs them, jumps on them, chews and shuffles them around the house. Her favorite drink is mint tea, always followed by a long play with the tea bag until the loose tea is spread all over the kitchen. Unlike your regular cat, Gracie is drawn to the running water. As she poked her nose into our bath tubs every time we filled them in, one day we just put her in the warm water! And our scaredy cat was not scared at all! She loved her bath and loved us even more. She is very clean and her fur is shiny and silky now. It has been six months of our life together. Gracie feels at home and got used to regular grooming. We became friends and when she jumps on my lap every time I get on the sofa to read a book or watch TV, I cannot even imagine how our home was once without this cute swaddle of grey fur, And ah those purrs! It is the best thank you a human ear can hear!
Helen and Sasha Paradise

Miss Gizzy's Tale

Hi Naomi, Gizzy has been here a week with us now. She is doing awesome!!!! Her and Dolce are the Best of friends. Her appetite has increased and she eats like a little piggy. She is happy, content and comfortable. She is the sweetest kitty I have ever meet. She sleeps in the bed all night and has started to adjust to the dogs too. We are so happy with our little girl and she will always have a place in our hearts and our home. Thank you for our little girl. I have attached a couple pics of her. Talk to you soon. Karen Clifford

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