We hope you enjoy reading these happy endings as much as we did helping to make them happen.

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Anyone interested in an older cat, PLEASE CALL, WE HAVE MANY.

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Romeo's Tale
I adopted Romeo over three months ago and he is doing great! He is such a friendly and outgoing cat, and he loves playing with me and my roommate's Yorkie. He is very vocal and affectionate, and whenever I come home he always runs to me and meows. He has lots of toys, and his favorite is a mouse with catnip inside. Adopting Romeo was definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made!

Lou's Tale
Hi, I never had a cat as a pet and wasn't a "cat person". I wanted to adopt a dog but did not have the time to care for one. I saw the cats for adoption at PetSmart and gave adopting a cat some thought. I went back and saw a female that looked like the two rabbits I have and inquired about her. I was told that she was already adopted. Naomi told me about another cat that might be a good fit for me. I went to see Lou with Roxie and Riley. He was very shy. I adopted him. That was on June 15, 2009. I thank God for Lou. He was very shy at first but it didn't take long before he became affectionate. He loves attention and waits by the door when I get home to get a kiss. He also gets along with Roxie and Riley. Sandra

Update on Whitey's Tale
Whitey was adopted about 3 years ago - someone moved and left cats in a house, this was one of them.

Click here to see a short video of Whitey

Lily's Tale

Lilly is very happy.
She starts bringing me her yarn ball to throw. It is so great to have her.
Lily loves to lie in her bed and look out the kitchen window.
Lily also loves to sit in her bed on top of the scratching post. She sits here when I sit in my chair beside her.
In the picture at the top, Lily is on the screened in porch when it was warm this week. She is sitting next to the statue of a cat. She is the best and my constant companion.



Buddy's Tale

After being abandoned roadside with my kittens, a gentleman rescued and brought us to ACT. My kittens were adopted into loving homes, but I remained in foster care for quite some time until the Gordon family adopted me. I was very frightened of my new surroundings at first and spent most of the time hiding--6 months. Also, I mistook the coal bucket for a litter box. Yet, this family was patient with me, and I started coming out of hiding. The youngest, a little girl named Anna, calls me her "Mother Cat." That is just fine as I missed my "babies," and she loves to play with me. My "Mom" and "Dad" share in caring for my well-being, and "Dad" helps me exercise. I love my "forever home" and family.



Clarence's Tale

Hello, I just wanted to you give you guys an update on Clarence...the white and black kitten I adopted from you guys about a month ago. I just wanted to thank you so much for the handsome guy and I am so happy to have given him a home. He is such a lovable and playful cat. His purring puts me right to sleep! He is great with my 3 year old and loves to cuddle. He definitely is spoiled and sleeps like a king in his own little bed. I will keep updating you about him especially Jan. Thanks again. Sincerely, Emily

Tosca and Opal's Tale

Adopted by Cheryl and Daniel DeFluri

Opal (white kitty) loves to sit in the warm sunlight when she is not playing with her brother Tosca.

Daddy built a kitty hide-out and Tosca loves showing off cuteness.

Sherlock's Tale

Sherlock hid for about 36 hrs then came out to explore and conquer.

He is well he settled in has the full run of the house and is keeping me on my toes

Patrick Visaggi

Effie's Tale

Hi Naomi.
Here are a few pics of Effie (formerly Rubie) and my dog Lucy. They do everything together! I can send more if you'd like. I'm a proud Mama! haha have a good day. Hi to all.



Chrissy's Tale

Shes doing great. Shes very affectionate and gets along wonderfully with Bob. Didn't take her long to acclimate. She is kinda slobbery but absolutely adorable.

Donald Steinmetz

Murphy's Tale

A picture I thought you might enjoy... Murphy aka John really makes my other cat Bugs very happy. He has never sat with let alone licked my two girl cats. Murphy just pushed his way in and became his best friend. Also Murphy greets me everyday when I get home from work by jumping on me.


Tully's Tale

Tully luvin life prrrrrrr (rescued from Bartonsville)

Stephen Clark

Calico's Tale

After a year of losing my two cats I decided I couldn't have a cat for a pet. So I came up to PetSmart every week and looked at all the cats. One day, I saw a new calico cat and she was 3 years old. She had to be given up by an elderly couple. So I asked about her and went inside to pet her. She was very unhappy and spit at me and was not friendly, so I said "I want her." I had never adopted an older cat before but I made a great choice. She is lovable, loves to be brushed, plays with her toys and loves attention. We are now best friends. Marcella Cabrero

Arabella's Tale

Arabella is doing great. She took about a week to warm up to us but now she is 100% comfortable with everyone, even the dogs. I attached some pics of her for you to see. Thanks so much, Katina

Update on Ally and Benny

Thought you might like to know that its been a year since I adopted Ally and Benny and brought them home to Central NY. They are very happy and healthy. I'm so glad I found them and look forward to many happy years ahead. Thank you again!

Happy Anniversary from ACT!

Some recent adoptions in PetSmart.

Congratulations to Everyone!!


Sam Wise's Tale

Sam Wise has turned out to be a most affable character who routinely engages the others in play. He is also incredibly polite…he always waits…never takes other "people's" stuff (in contrast to a few of our "rude boys"!

Larry & Pamela Laflamme


Homer's Tale

This is my boy, Homer,that I adopted at Pet Smart. He's 2 yrs.old & he's been with me 2 yrs. this month. I wasn't sure about getting him, my other cat was 19 yrs. old & she passed away a yr. before I found Homer..but I couldn't be happier ! I love him like my son. Thanks Again for letting him come into my life, Robin Franke


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