We hope you enjoy reading these happy endings as much as we did helping to make them happen.

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Max's Tail
(Max was pulled just before euthanization)

Here is the pictures of the Bichon I took from Manhattan,
happy in his new home with a new haircut! J

"Please don't breed or buy while shelter dogs die"

Mini's Tail

"Gayle's" new name is Mini (as in
Minimus, MiniMouse, MiniMe, etc.
-she already answers to several variations
of her new name). Mini is a
complete joy, and she fit right into my
household -- although not without
some trial by fire. On the first day,
she drew a little blood from
LadyBug's ear, but that was the only
time. She and LadyBug became
fast friends after that. In fact, I often
see Mini grooming LadyBug in the
same area of her ear that
she scratched on day 1.

As you can see from the photos, the
LadyBug and Mini are now
definitely family. Mini crawls into
LadyBug's bed in my office every
morning. I am so pleased by
how well they interract. I knew that
LadyBug was cat-friendly as she
lived in harmony with my late
19-year-old Little Mook for several years..
I was so happy that Mini
turned out to be as dog-friendly as
she is! After a few days in my home,
Mini started to sneeze. In a few days,
it progressed to congestion, and
then she stopped eating. I took her
to my vet, who gave her antibiotics
and sub-q fluids. Within a day after
treatment, she started eating and
drinking, and within two days,
she was racing around the house like a
kitten. She's been absolutely
perfect ever since.


Mini fell right into our schedule, sleeping
with me all night, and waking
when LadyBug and I begin our day around
6 AM. She spends the
workday in my office with LadyBug,
sometimes sleeping and other
times sitting in my lap. She is a
wonderfully in-your-face affectionate
cat, which I love--and LadyBug has
gotten used to. Mini loves her toys
and will bring me her fuzzy mouse when
she wants to play. Every once
in a while she will entice LadyBug to
engage in a little playtime, too. I
think Mini will keep LadyBug young!
When I adopted LadyBug, she
was already a "senior" and showed no
interest in toys. Mini seems to
spark her interest. Mini likes to fetch
like a little puppy. After only two
weeks, my beautiful Mini fits
right in with us.

It's as if she were always here.
She was meant to be here.
We love her very much!


Moxie's Tail
(this cat was one pulled from the
Marshall's Creek hoarding incident)

The one picture is just such a funny
pose on him, the other is him on his
Christmas blanket. He went to the vet
last night; he did NOT like it at all.
He has some build up in his ears and
he has mites, so we're giving him
some medication. Have to get his
teeth cleaned too, but otherwise
(except for the mean old swat he
gave the vet!) he's perfect.
My daughter left to go home to
Montana last night and he sat by
her door and meowed for her. Life is good!

Life isn't about how to survive the storm,
but how to dance in the rain.

Steve's Tail

This young guy was at a kill shelter and rescued
from there by Animals Can't Talk. Steve was
adopted into a great, loving home and he quickly
made himself at home there! What a wonderful
turn of events for this handsome fellow, Steve!

Vivian's Tail

Vivian was just a kitten when she
was rescued from the streets of
Stroudsburg by Animals Can't Talk.
Vivian is now in a loving home
thanks to ACT. Vivian has some new
friends that she loves and it
doesn't get any better than this! What a
wonderful home for all the
animals and how they get along
like the family they now are!
What a happy tail for Vivian
and her new family!

Tigger's Tail

This guy was at a kill shelter and
was pulled from there just in the nick
of time. After Animals Can't Talk
rescued the poor guy they found him
a new furrever home where he gets the
love and attention he deserves.
Tigger is one lucky guy thanks to
ACT and his new loving family!

Rescued Kittens Tail

Here are some kittens and their
mom rescued by ACT from the
Eaglesmere Condos. They were living
outside but were very friendly.
Someone must have discarded
the mom and her kittens.
Animals Can't Talk rescued them and
once they are all spayed and
neutered, will be up for adoption
to the homes they deserve.

Brandy's Tail

Brandy was tied, along with her mom,
outside an empty house. They
were brought to the SPCA by the dog
warden in December 2008.
Both were not housebroken or leash trained,
and were dirty, hungry and scared.
Unfortunately Brandy's
mom did not make it. Brandy loves
people of all ages, is very gentle, and
gets along with dogs and cats.
One day at PetSmart, a family came in
looking for directions to the
nearest animal shelter, saw Brandy, and it
was love at first sight for the
family and for Brandy. Now Brandy enjoys
long walks with her new
family and cuddling on the sofa.

Milo's Tail

Milo was found wandering in the woods
near Stroudsburg. Poor Milo
was just another kitten in need of a home
and didn't know where that
home would be. Animals Can't Talk rescued
Milo and found him a great
home and he is loving it! Milo now has the
loving family he needed and
a doggy friend to rest his head on! Milo
is now living the good life.

Suzy's Tail

Suzy-Q was rescued by
Animals Can't Talk
from someone who didn't
want to take her to a shelter.
Suzy was adopted to a family with a 10
year old pup who barely tolerated Suzy-Q
but Suzy won him over and
now they are best buds!

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