We hope you enjoy reading these happy endings as much as we did helping to make them happen.

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Revi's Update

Revi is settling in beautifully into his new
home. He greets everyone at the door and
loves to sit and watch out the window.
Every morning he runs up and greets my
son, James as he comes out to get ready
for school. He has a wonderful pur that
never seems to stop. Revi is super playful
and loves to chase toys on strings. He fits
in perfectly with our family. We will be
keeping his name Revi as it has meaning
and continues to follow the name pattern
of our past animals that have passed on.
We love our Revi.

Revi's Tale

REVI THE CAT gets adopted December
23, 2017 and has a home for Christmas!
To my friends of Barbaro and those that
know me not in that group, you all know
the story of my sweet Revi (Barbaro's
Revenge) that left this world way too soon,

Tuesday morning, May 9, 2017, due to
colic at the age of 11. He was with me for
only 3 short years. Several friends sent
donations to different organizations and to
myself as well. The donations I received
I gave to the cat rescue at Pet Smart,
Stroudsburg, PA that I have volunteered
at since Pet Smart opened in 2007.

The stipulation to Naomi was that she
name the next male cat she rescued after
my boy, my baby, my REVI! Within a week
Revi (pictured here) was under the care of
Naomi, owner of Animals Can't Talk.
Three days before Christmas, Revi the
cat was adopted and brought home to
spend Christmas and the rest of his life
with a very nice family. Revi the cat is
pictured here relaxing and enjoying life.
I know that my sweet Revi is looking
down on him, watching over him! Happy
Tails. Thank you Naomi for taking good
care of him and thank you to his new
family. Please give him a kiss and a hug
from his new Grandma Bea.

Cougar & Puma's

I'm delighted, and so is Rhys, my other
kitty. I will send you some pictures as
soon as they slow down enough. Right
now they tend to be a two direction blur.
I have renamed them Cougar and Puma
and they know their names.

Of course they both come to both names
but we're working on it. They are friendly
and very active and I think they love the
space, five rooms.They haven't figured
out the staircase yet

This is their tryout for the bathtub
cleaning crew.

Dean and Sam's

Dean and Sam my babies


Chloe (formerly Lynn adopted
on a PetSmart adoption day in late
September or early October 2016.
She has come a long way from the
skittish hoarding situation baby she
was 15 months ago! She jumps up
all the time to bump-rub us and the
dogs, she hopped on my back one
evening last week and just hugged
me before hopping down (very
gentle with her nails -just enough

to hang on; her tummy and chest
flush with my back, and it felt 100%
like a cat hug), she carries her
favorite toys downstairs when I'm
down here and she wants to play,
and her new favorite sleeping spot
in on the back of the couch on a
folded up blanket with her front legs
stretched out and paws on the wall,
her head on her legs, over where
the heat from the baseboard comes
up. (She also knows how to lie on
her back in a good sun spot, and
occasionally holds the dryer hostage
for a spell when a load is done

Taser and Riot's

Tazer and Riot (both alumni)
taking over the dogs bed!

Patches' Tale

Happy in new home.

The Gang's Tale

Here are four ACT cats in the same home
- Willow, Savannah, Stuart and Casper -
resting after an active morning of playing.

Jelly, Peanut and Tagan's

Jelly, eating shrimp and scallops,
and Peanut and Tagan observing
their new “sister”
(a bunny named Susie) -
all ACT rescues

Peach's Tale

Doing great, playing fetch still, and will
soon be getting a little human sister!

Fergus' Tale
Fergus, so happy in his Home!

Gussie's Tale
Gussie, happy in her new Home!

Savannah's Tale

Savannah (originally Eleven) stole my heart
when she jumped out into my arms as I was
feeding her at the rescue. Most cats who
jump out want to be free, but she just stayed
in my arms. I took her home to see how she
would do with my cats and she immediately
became comfortable.

She never hid, even when I had guests
over the house - in fact, she would run
and greet them! She became friends
with the rest of my furkids within days.
She helps keep everyone active as
they all chase each other through the
house. When she is not playing, she
is cuddling up on her favorite thing - me.

Hazelnut's Tale

Omg she fits our family perfectly! She is one spunky
little girl who loves to explore! She is getting along with
our vicious man-eating pitbull and now 1 of the cats.
The other just stays away for now, but smells the baby's
stuff!! It's definitely progress!

Bob's Tale

Hi Naomi, Thank you for the rabies tag for
Bob. I didn't know that you emailed me
but I finally found your email. Bob is doing
great. He especially loves to lay on my
husband's lap whenever we are watching
tv. My husband is retired so he is home
all the time with Bob which is great and
at the end of my work day Bob always
runs to greet me which I love.

He is a character and we love him.
He gets along great with his sister
cat Callie which is about the same
age as him. I have enclosed some
pictures of Bob for you happy tails
page. Thank you and God Bless
you for your cause.
Susan Lull

Lucy and Lily's Tale

We've had our girls home for about 2
weeks now. They came to us as
Havana(tuxedo) and Tulip (white and
black), and we renamed them Lilly and
Lucy, respectively. When we sat in the
room meeting the kittens at PetSmart,
Lilly was much braver than the rest and
played with us for a while, climbing all
over us, before eventually curling up in
Cord's lap and sitting in his arms until we
left. Essentially, she chose us. The rest of
the kittens were very shy and nervous, but
we could see hints of playfulness in Lucy,
and she repeatedly rubbed into the other
kittens, which gave us the notion that she
really was a little love, and might eventually
come around to some gentle love, seeing
as she didnt come from a loving home.
We were very excited to get a call back
that night and immediately went to pick up
our girls! As we expected, Lilly was
everyone's little buddy right off the bat,
playing for hours and cuddling into bed
with us. Lucy spent her first full 24 hours
under the bed, only coming out for the

On the second night, she started coming
out to play, and slept her second night on
the top of their cat tree. As the days go by,
she becomes more and more comfortable;
she eventually started to let us pet her, and
even will cuddle with us in bed, only so long
as her confidence is there with her. By
"confidence," I mean Lilly! Lucy loves her
sissy so much, and having a counterpart
as outgoing as Lilly helps her come out of
her shell more. She still doesn't like to be
picked up, but we're over the moon with her
progress so far! Lucy definitely needed her
Lilly and we're so happy to have the 2 of
them together, they're an awesome little
duo and bring so much to our home! They
also had so much fun "wrapping presents"
(you know what that means! Lol) and
playing with their human aunts and uncles
on Christmas :) we love our girls so much!
Thank you ACT for bringing us together!
-Cord and Angela

Figaro's Tale

I have been sleeping in a room with him
since he came here - he has just started to
crawl up next to me. John plays with him all
the time and has him do his tricks. I think
he is bonding with us. Opening the house
to him was a little scary for him at first...he
would come out and then run right back to
his safe room. Thursday is the first time
Figaro ran all over the place without a care
in the world. Last night - he was running
from room to room to room - he tired
himself out. It was hysterical. Callie does
play with him (that's her under the curtain
with him in one of the pics), the others are
still a little nervous about him and him
around them - he runs up to them and then
backs off. Every day it gets better. He
does all those tricks you taught him for us,
but I haven't taken video of us doing it yet.

We love him so much and he
really is getting used to us, his
surroundings and the other cats
more and more each day. Figaro,
Callie and Max now all play! He's
doing great! Three of them were
laying with each other near the
gas fireplace a little while ago
and both him and Callie were
sleeping in a box together
yesterday. He LOVES John.
Always crawling up with him.
He really did just make himself
at home. I'm so happy he made
fast friends and even when
the others play with him, they
are gentile and let him get
away with things, like jumping
on them. lol

Saber's Tale

Is adjusting well :)
And checking out his new roommate!

Poochie's Tale

Poochie is his new home, with a
wonderful little girl who loves him.

Zoey Lake's Tale

This cat she is amazing! We are so lucky to have
her. She is so loving and loves to sleep and cuddle
with my wife and I. We changed her name to Zoey Lake.
She gets along great with Apollo our Persian cat.
Can't wait to get these guys gifts for Christmas.
Thank you so much. Happy Holidays!

Alfie & Yogi's Tale

Day was made yesterday when I finally got
a few pics of another 2 of my foster kittens
(Alfie and Yogi) from their new daddy Paul.
They were adopted on 11/14/17 and
amusingly Paul told me on the phone last
night that he thought that I had said his
name was "Alex" instead of Alfie, and has
been calling him Alex. He make keep it
that way, not sure.

Of the 6 original kittens, Alfie is another of
the 4 orange & white boys and Yogi is the
only black and white one. Paul says they
are have the full run of the house and race
and chase each other up and down the
stairs, play and sleep together and also on
his bed with him. Says they are very close
to him. Toys all over for them and a new
cat tree. Play all night and sleep all day.
Makes me soooo happy to hear they are
doing so well! Makes it all worth it!

Willow's Tale

Willow has a Facebook page!
Willow was found in a taped-shut box in
Petsmart by an employee. She was
taken to our vet, where she stayed for
five nights, to be treated for
malnourished and dehydration.
She went to a foster home and it
did not take long for foster
mom to decide to adopt her.

From her new mom:
Willow is adjusting well and loves to stay
close to me. Persians need a lot of work
to help with grooming and eye discharge
- thankfully she is slowly getting used to
me cleaning her up. I do not know why
someone would just throw away such
a sweetheart, but I am happy to give her
a forever home.


We adopted two kitties through a
Foster Mom we met through you guys!
Fozzie and BooBoo
(BooBoo Renamed Edgar)
We love them both so much!

Fozzie & Edgar's

Boo Boo is now Edgar.
The kitties here are doing great!
They are having a blast, and loved
watching the snow yesterday!

Snotz's Tale

Good morning. I spoke with my aunt who
is a vet about Hop Devil whose name is
now Snotz. He just had a cold and with
cleaning his eye and making sure he has
clean water at all times he would be fine in
a couple days. He still has a little bit of a
sneeze but his eyes are looking so much

We slowly introduced him and our cat and
he is now running around the house having
a blast playing with toys. He still has his
room that he has to go into at night with his
food and litter box and soft place to sleep
because he likes to keep the house
awake but we bring him out first thing in the
morning and make sure that he doesn't feel
punished for having to go in there.

Kendall and Kenzi's Tale

They're doing great!

Calypso's Tale

I adopted the precious Calypso (was
Hannah) from PetSmart in Stroudsburg.
This is her and our other cat Minnie. They
have gotten along really well and love to
chase each other around the house, tiring
themselves out.

Calypso is the sweetest, and I'm glad
she's making herself at home and also that
Minnie has a new buddy. Thank you again.
You go above and beyond to help all the
animals you can.

Cleo's Tale

Hi Naomi,
Cleo is fitting in well here. My daughter Callie
absolutely adores her and Cleo is like her little
shadow. We love having Cleo here, she is so
sweet and loving. I have attached some pictures
for you. Thank you again for the new addition to
our family. I can assure you that she is in great
Sincerely, Jocelyn

Luna & Shadow's Tale
(Kingston and Harlow)

Hi All, I just wanted to thank everyone we
dealt with, it was a great experience.
Kingston and Harlow (now Luna &
Shadow), took about 5 minutes to scope
out their new home, then it was off to the
races! Let’s just say they slept really well
that first night! My wife is very crafty, and
likes to design and build things, so she got
right down to work the next day and
started making lots of toys, a “perch” and
little cubby areas for them to enjoy.

And both of them loved “helping” their new
mom build all the toys and the perch, along
with doing laundry! And like most parents
who have young children in the home who
start to walk, you realize quickly that what
you thought was baby/cat proof, is not!
Plus things you don’t think about, like plants.
My wife has tons of them and we
had to search all of them to see which had
to be moved and which could stay. All in all,
Luna & Shadow and their new family are
having a great time getting to know each
other. Thank you, The Jacobi Family

Elroy's Tale

Hello Naomi, Sorry for the late response. I did
not notice the email till now. but he's doing
wounderful. He's fitting right in and his leg is
great ! he's bouncing around like nothing every
happened! Thank you so much for allowing me
to adopt him. He's a nut case
but he's my nut case
I'm just happy he likes his new home
P.S: Attached are some photos of
him and his big sister

Cheeto's Tale

He's doing very well. Cuddles in bed at night and
loves to play. Runs around the house and is doing
so great. He warmed up pretty quick too and is
eating and all now. Thank you again so much for
letting us adopt him

Update Smokey's Tale

I love to eat and I love to sleep next to my mommy.
I'm a very lazy cat and I love to play with my sister
at 3 in the morning :)

Smokey's Tale

He's very good. A very spunky kitten. He loves
affection and he's very clumsy, but he made
himself right at home. I'm very thankful that I
got the chance to meet you wonderful people
and I got to meet my dream cat.

Milo Update

Happy Halloween Naomi....I'm doing great!
Thank you for saving me! As you can see it's all
about "ME."
He's the most lovable cat! Trust me he's in charge
here esp with my two shepherds! You touched his
life and ours! Bless you...bless you all!

Spike and Peterson's Tale

In their new home!

Update Jagger's Tale

Hi Naomi! I'm so sorry, I completely forgot!
Jagger is doing amazing! We seriously could not
have wished for a better cat. He was completely
like box trained and is very, very neat. He and
Emma (one of our Pomeranians) just play and
play all day. He'll hide and pounce on her and
she'll chase him and then he'll chase her through
the house. Giggy, our smaller pom, had a bit of a
rough time in the beginning. Jagger tried to play
with him and he was scared.

He now stands up for himself when jagger starts
messing with him, but in the end the two are really
starting to love each other (see photo below).
We got him a huge cat tree, so he sort of lords
over the dogs... And probably judges them.:)
Can you tell me the nature of jagger's eye
situation? I know he was treated for something
when you got him. Every once in a while his
eye will get red but then it clears up within a
couple of hours. Thanks again for everything!
We got ourselves an incredible cat!!
Jagger and Emma

Jagger's Tale

Jagger's Happy Family

Donald and Eileen's Tale

Donald and Eileen in their new home.
They own the place already

Sonny's Tale

Sonny is slowly settling in. He was a Penn Estates stray

Edna's Tale
She is settling in great!
She already took over the couch.


Hi. Just an update on Pepper (Betty Lou).
Having a fun time exploring her new home,
new brother and all the new toys. Still having
sneezing and sniffling issues due to kalisi
virus but it doesn't interfere with her day to
day. She is extremely active and playful. So
glad to have her here!
Thanks so much, Ann Jack.

Pepper's Tale

Hi.. sorry to respond so late but I've been
busy canning! Pepper (Betty Lou) is
progressing wonderfully. She is now out of
my bedroom and exploring the rest of the
house, even her new brother Scout. She
seems to have a slight cold, sneezing and
stuffiness, so going to vet in about half
hour. I will keep you guys updated!

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