We hope you enjoy reading these happy endings as much as we did helping to make them happen.

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Anyone interested in an older cat, PLEASE CALL, WE HAVE MANY.

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Update:Nuna (formerly Cheri) and Masu's Tale
I am so sorry for the late reply! Here is a picture of Cheri
(now named Nuna) and our other kitten Masu!
Nuna is an AMAZING jumper and seems to be perfectly fine
even with her special arm, she is such a treasure and loves to love.

Cheri's Tale
Good Morning, Naomi! I just wanted to tell you how thankful we are
and how lucky and honored we feel to have gotten to adopt Cheri.
She is absolutely amazing, already playing with the other cats,
she's using the litter box and eating well,
she's seriously one of the sweetest and so excited to be running and playing.
I have actually noticed since she's getting to be more active, she's showing an
urge to move that leg! I have started to massage the area and am hopeful
that it still may be able to be saved. I was told you wanted
pictures of progress which I am happy to send. Here is the first picture of
her coming home and meeting Masu, our other kitten.
I also wanted to let you know I have left a check for her adoption/donation
fee with the front desk along with the application.
Thank you so much again and if you need anything else,
please feel free to contact me! Have a great day!
MaryRose Sorensen

Gordon's Tale
Gordon, another kitten from Willowicke Terrace, going home with his new family

Figgy's Tale
Here's Figgy (formerly Bentley) in his new home! He's having a great time exploring the house,
so much he rarely sits still.
It's been wonderful to have him join the family!

Update:Kerpie, Kuzco, & Byron
Hello there! Hope you're doing well. Wanted to let you know that
the kittens and Byron too are all doing well. :)
Byron can't wait until the snow melts so he can go for walks again
and I look forward to harness training the kittens too. The male whom we named Kuzco,
is growing well and very loving. Kerpie, the female, seems to be
the runt but her size doesn't stop her from adventure. Byron likes
them both though him and Kuzco are best buds. They both look up to him.
I hope the ACT cats are doing well. Have a wonderful day,

Emma's Tale
Meow-meow (renamed Emma was the last of the cats
owned by a woman who developed dementia...
and her pets were left to fend for themselves
when she was taken to a home.
Thankfully A.C.T. stepped in, as did all the
fantastic people who adopted them.
There is such joy here with this wonderful Veteran,
and his wife (off camera) Many thanks to all!
Long time ACT resident, Meow-meow was adopted!!
We've had her since 2015 when she was left to fend for
herself after her owner was sent to a home.
Good luck Meow-meow (aka Emma)

Update: Chloe's Tale
Chloe (tiger girl formerly known as Lynn!) adopted
September 2016 by Karen and John Raba.
She is fabulous! She has major personality.
I love it when she runs up behind me and pats
my legs with her front feet to say hello!
She took a liking to both dogs but
to the male Cairn in particular,. She greets him with
body rubs and they play together sometimes.
She loves spending hours on our screened porch,
with or without the other kitties,
alternately watching chipmunks and relaxing on a chair cushion.
Tonight, she is giving me good reason not to fold the laundry.
Karen and John Raba

Arlene's Tale
John: I wish I could say she was settling in ok. I have only been able to pet
her once otherwise she stays hidden. She is getting along with my male and only
comes out for food and water and the litter box. I know it will take time
but I feel sorry for her being scared. I will keep you updated. Thanks John
Naomi: Give her time. It took time for her to settle in at PetSmart.
She's scared. But I am glad she's getting along with your male.
After her owner left and the house was taken over, all the cats were thrown outside.
I had to trap them all. Took weeks, who knows what she endured while
being outside. Keep me posted. Thanks.
John: Well after a week of getting on the floor and talking to her
she now comes out when I call her. She is a real love bug.
She is getting along with George my male.
She has been staying downstairs but last nite she sat at the bottom
of rhe stairs and sang the song of her people to me...
she made it up stairs but got scared and ran back and hid.
She will be ok..and I know she is happy in her forever home. - John

Mia and Woody's Tale
Mia and Buddy ( Woody). They are doing great.
He thinks he's hot stuff investigating the whole house.
We are enjoying, he makes us laugh.

Note from Naomi: Mia was relinquished by a veteran going into
hospital and Woody was caught by Tito near the front gate

Giovanni's Tale
My girls call him Gio for short. He is a great friendly kitty!
I've attached the pictures
I have on my phone. My girls have more.
First is my oldest, second my youngest with him.

Hermoine's Tale
I was found severely injured on June 3, 2017.
I was starving, my leg wound infested by maggots.
I had a fractured pelvis and dislocated femur.

No one could help me. ACT took pity on
me and got me excellent care at
Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital.

I was in the hospital for 6 weeks . The same kind people
that found me have adopted me.
ACT and I would greatly appreciate any donations you can give
to help with my extensive medical care! They saved my life!

If you would like to donate to our cause,
please send a check to:
1167 Woodland Drive East Stroudsburg, PA 18301
Donations may also be brought to Petsmart in Stroudsburg, PA
on Saturdays! All Donations are Tax Deductible

Hoyt 's Tale
Sorry I didn't send anything sooner.
The transition has been a little rough.
The other cats aren't accepting him as well as we hoped,
but he is doing well and being loved.
He is not eating as much as I think he should, but he's eating.
He is still a love bug and we are thrilled to have him.

Christine Update:
Dennis came to NY with me Tuesday... and this was
the love fest when he went to sleep.
Christine was all over him. She is so affectionate!

UPDATE: Lenora and Tara in their new home

Anakin's Tale
Anakin in his new home.

Kenobi's Tale
Hi! Bertie-or Kenobi as we are now calling
him-is settling in nicely so far.
We are still slowly introducing him to our resident cats.
As eager as he is to mingle with them, they
seem to require us to take it slow.
For the time being we keep them separate
and feed them on either side of a door.
We've also been swapping rooms for a
period of time daily to familiarize them with
each others scents, and to allow Kenobi time to roam the whole
house himself. We're close to moving on to our next step which will be to
feed them on either side of a partially covered baby gate
so they have some visual contact while eating. It's a slow process
but we are patiently ensuring that it'll be a
happy household for all of the cats :) -Tom

Raven's Tale - UPDATE
She is a beautiful girl. We love her so much.
She loves to look out the window - wants to chase birds.
We got her chipped in May.

Timmy's Tale
Timmy in his new home...
This morning After terrorizing his dog. Lol

Scarecrow's Tale
Scarecrow has adjusted very well.
He gets along well with family and very playful.
He likes to play with his toys that were brought for him.

Audrey's Tale
A contractor found her in a foreclosed home with her babies.
Another rescue took her babies and rejected her.
Now a loving family has given her a new life!

Update:Fern's Tale
I got your message earlier today!
I did try to send some pictures a few months
back but I can't remember what email
I sent them to. But she is doing so, so great!
Better than we could have ever imagined.
Her name is Fern now and she is our daughters best friend.
She sleeps in Ella's chair every night and waits patiently for us
to come out of the bedroom every morning!
Click here for original post

Dylan's Tale
Happy in New Home!

Walle's Tale
Walle in his new Home!

Alice's Tale
Alice in her new home

Damascus and Coal's Tale
Hi Naomi, That is the girl. I believe you called her Rapunzel.
We've named her Damascus and her bother is Coal. My boyfriend and
I are both blacksmiths so they needed to fit in.
Damascus loves watching TV, eating Doritos, and playing with string.
Coal likes eating fruit with the humans, cuddling, and playing fetch with paper balls.

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