We hope you enjoy reading these happy endings as much as we did helping to make them happen.

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Anyone interested in an older cat, PLEASE CALL, WE HAVE MANY.

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Arya's Tale
Arya hasn't eaten yet or used the litter box. Took her to the vet yesterday.
She's on an antibiotic and lysine for feline herpes because of her eye.
Also they gave her a shot to boost her immune sysem.
She's only 6 pounds. Other than that she's adjusting well with all the other animals.
Love her.

James' Tale

James is a happy and very loving cat..he is doing very well


Tigress' Tale
Hey Naomi, I'm sorry finals came up and we were so busy I completely forgot!
But she's doing great. At first she was a little shy but
that lasted only a couple days. She's truly a great cat,
she follows us everywhere and won't leave our side. My girlfriend loves her and
so do I! I attached a few pictures I took of her.
Best, Patrick

Slater's Tale
Hi... I'm actually on vacation right now
so my girlfriend is cat sitting him for the week but he's awesome.
Such a great cat. I couldn't ask for a better cat

Mia's Tale
Couple months back a retired veteran called me. He was going into the hospital for 3 months,
had a 9 year old cat, called everywhere, no one would take it.
I offered to hold on to the cat for him and he said no, he did not know if he
would be well enough to take care of her.
Recently a couple came in looking for company for their
12 year old cat who just lost his companion and was crying.
Perfect fit. Here is Mia in her new home.
Her new owners wrote: Mia relaxing on back of couch.
She is very happy and so are we.

Banjo's Tale
Banjo at play in his new home

Danielle's Tale
Hi! She settled in really quick!! Almost always purring and walks up
to us or whoever comes in the house.
Danielle is such a great easy going cat. We love her dearly.

Briggs' Tale
Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I haven't checked my email in quite a while
and have 900 to go through.
Cheeto is doing great! We renamed him Briggs.
He had giardia when we brought him home, but once we got that cleared up
he fit right into our household routine.
He's super friendly, follows me around everywhere, is always purring,
and greets me at the door when I get home.
He's cozy and clean and taking a nap on the couch right now.
He's a great addition to our family.
Thanks, Stefan & Bushrah

Aaron and Hammer's Tale
Aaron did have an accident on our couch (he pooed
which was strange as he uses the litter box)
We picked it up and put it and him in the litter box so hopefully
that doesn't happen again. Hammer is absolutely perfect.

Bailey's Tale

Dagon and Typhon's Tale
Hello there! Hope you're doing well.
Wanted to let you know that the kittens are all doing well.

Cherub's Tale
Cherub with our older cat Chelsea

King's Tale
Having gone to the ACT shelter with Melissa, seeing the cats there,
and seeing all the work that goes into the rescue,
I decided I wanted to rescue a cat. Not one that would easily be adopted at Petsmart ..
but one that would be very difficult to adopt out, whether it
be due to age, ailment, behavior, etc. Since I work from home
I have a lot of time to spend with the cat.

After looking at several potential candidates, I decided to adopt King.
The cat had so much charisma and I laughed when (she) put
her paws up and sat like a grizzly bear to be pet. This cat has a lot of Character!
She was an older cat and also has FIV so she had
to spend her time separated with the other FIV cats.
I immediately knew this was the cat for me.

So far King has loved her new home, and at times follows me around like a dog to be pet.
She is so responsive to any noise and loves to play!
It is very satisfying to be able to give this wonderful cat love, and a comfy home to wonder.
The most touching moment for me was when I opened the bay window,
and her reaction as she gazed out in wonder .. just observing the surrounding.
This is absolutely her favorite spot to stay

Stella Butter Bean's Tale
Hi Naomi, I just wanted to email you to give you an update on Stella butter bean
(formally Sansa).

She was super shy at first, spending her first few days in hiding. Our household
isn't a quiet one, and I knew she needed time to come out on her own terms.
Each night after the kids went to bed,
she would cautiously come out of hiding, letting her guard down a
bit more each time. She has now begun coming out during the day,
and a few nights ago she finally came and slept on top of me!

She's slept on me every night since. Last night, she and our dog, Rocky,
slept on top of my legs together. She finally seems to trust
him and isn't afraid of him. I can tell she's still got some trust to gain with the kids,
but she adores me and can't get enough petting
and playing and snuggles from me! She's still cautious with the kids but is
definitely opening up more to them and I know within a few
weeks she will be walking around like she owns the place.

She developed an upper respiratory infection and conjunctivitis,
but is on antibiotics and eye ointment and is doing well! She goes
back to the vet in a week for a recheck. We love her, she is beautiful,
sweet and playful and a great addition to our family.
Today marks a week since we adopted her! Thank you so much!!
Andra Baehr

Maui's Tale
Here are the pictures of Charcoal... Now his name is Maui and he is our baby

Fig and JuJu's Tale
Fig and JuJu seem to be settling pretty well. JuJu is taking everything in stride.
She is even okay with my toddler. Fig, on the other hand, is so funny running
here and there being such an adorable kitten.
He doesn't really understand the meaning of hiding.
He'll find a good hiding spot and then meow letting us know right where he is.
Both kitties love attention and rubs. We're all adjusting.
The hardest part will be to get the cats to realize that the reason why
Aurora gets so hyper around them is because she loves them and is so excited to see them.

Riot's Tale
Okay great thank you! And he's getting there still! He's skittish and hides a lot but he'll come
out on his own terms and start to seek
attention. Last night he slept in bed with me for the first time and purred all night.
But he loves Tazer and they're always chasing each
other. If Tazer gets too rough he puts him in his place too
This is Riot (formally Jack)! We adopted him a week ago on 3/1/17 and have been
so blessed for him to join our family. He is so
sweet and constantly purring. Riot loves to cuddle with us and his ACT alumni brother,
Tazer! He is very mellow for a kitten but does
enjoying playing with Tazer. We are in love with him, thank you!
Shelby and Josh

Little Guy's Tale
Little Guy is all settled in. He's very loving and cuddly. We couldn't be happier with our new addition.

Angel's Tale
Here's a pic of Angel that I took tonight. She is adjusting great.
Her eye is completely better and she loves her food.
Angel is very affectionate and loves all the attention.
My girls fell in love with her as they met her for the 1st time Friday night.
Thank you for giving me the chance of giving her a furever loving home.

Alana's Tale
Last Fall, a distraught man was driving around with 6 cats in 3 carriers.
He had just been evicted and did not know what to do with the cats.
He went to Awsom and they could not help.
Here's one in her new home.
The new mom writes:
Alana is adjusting well to her new home. She is such a sweet and loving kitty;
she was personable right from the moment she walked out of the carrier.
What a fantastic disposition! She seems to really like my
Vera Bradley blanket so I guess it is hers now
Thank you.

Pokemon and Cricket's Tale
Cricket and Clay were attached. A family wanted one, I would not separate. Father told me off, left
PetSmart, came back said look at my son, he's crying. Seeing I would not budge, he gave in.
They had been fostered by a volunteer and that was her wish.
Cheryl called them to find out how everything was going.
This was the wife's response:
The best thing we ever did is adopt those two kittens, we love them and you can see how they love
each other". She continued..."My 8 yr old son calls Clay... Pokemon...At this time Cricket's name has
not changed. I have an 11 month son and Cricket was laying on the couch letting my young son pe
t her! Cricket was shy at first but now she comes on the couch to sit with us. Both cats have their
furrever home with us

Kit's Tale
Kit is doing great!

Ann Marie's Tale
Ann Marie in her new home.

Pixie and Eric's Tale
Last Fall, a distraught man was driving around with 6 cats in 3 carriers. He had just been evicted and
did not know what to do with the cats. He went to Awsom and they could not help. Here are 2 of them
in their new home, thankful they went together.

Boots' Tale
Boots adjusted very well and I love him .. he's everything and more that I was looking for. he loves
to cuddle and he is very spoiled bought him some more toys . Here are some of the pictures that
I took from today. He loves to go in the bathtub for wife or I too turn on the facet for a drink and to
play in the water. I never seen a cat love water like him..
Thank you Naomi!

Calvin's Tale
Calvin (black) with his buddy in his new home.

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