We hope you enjoy reading these happy endings as much as we did helping to make them happen.

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Felix's Tale

Felix was a stray in Pocono
Country Place that
was rescued and brought to PetSmart,
adopted the same day....

by Kenny and Laurie Grady

“I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter…
the cast-offs of human society.
I saw in their eyes love and hope,
fear and dread,sadness and betrayal.
And I was angry. “God,” I said, “this is
terrible! Why don’t you do something?
” God was silent for a
moment and then he spoke softly.
“I have done something,
” He replied. “I created You.” ~ Jim Willis~


Holly's Tale

We adopted "Daisy" who we now
call "Holly" a few weeks
ago. She was going to be put down by her previous
owners because she had a cold.
She is now a very happy, healthy
and playful cat in her new home with us.
She loves cuddling with people
and playing with her new
kitty friends that she has made
at her new home.


Bubba's Tale

My mom moved to Alaska and the
airlines would not let
her take me. She was heartbroken.
I was put up for adoption.
This nice young girl loved me,
her mom did not want me,
her grandmother wanted her
granddaughter to have me.
So off I went to this new home.
ACT spoke to the mom 10 days later.
She admitted she
did not like cats, but that I was special
and well behaved. So now I am
in my furrever home, yippee.
I hope my new parents don't
get into their heads to dress me
for the holidays again!

Daisy's Tale

Someone who adopted 2 cats
from ACT called about a
cat that wandered onto their deck.
ACT had them take
the stray to Creature Comforts.
Dawn told her co-worker
that she had just lost a cat and
was looking for one for
company for her other cat.
He said strange thing, I just
rescued one. So, 3 days later,
this cute cat is in her
furrever home and is renamed Daisy...

Fergie's Tale

We just love having a cat again
and Fergie has acclimated
nicely to her new home.
She has taken over the hassock,
but is kind enough to share a tiny
corner of it with human feet,
provided you don’t get in her way.
She has the sweetest disposition,
never complains, and when she’s hungry
she rubs against my legs until I fill her
dish. She eats with pleasure and gusto,
her tail puffing out three times its
normal circumference. When National
Geographic or another wildlife show
is on TV, Fergie engages her inner predator;
she leaps onto the TV
cabinet, stands up on her hind legs,
and presses her front paws onto the screen.
Yesterday she seemed to
have triumphantly hunted down
an African elephant this way. -

A Happy “Tail” from the Fogel family:
Mike, Caryn, Hunter and Fergie

Thunder's Tail

Thunder is in love with Lily and very happy!!

Maria McKenna

Oreo and Tux's Tail

We brought home brothers Oreo and Romer
(renamed Tux) in March 2010. After the initial
acclimation time
(they hid under the bed for a while!),
they emerged and have
taken over our hearts!
They are great guys.
Couldn't ask for better cats.

Elyse Fiers

Simba's Tail

When we first brought Nash home,
now renamed Simba.
We didn't know how well he would
adjust to the kids and our dog.
After we let him out of the carrier, he
immediately went off exploring every
part of the house.
At first he was very afraid of the dog
and wouldn't come near his gate at all,
but after a while he became very
interested and went to Jasper himself.
Now they are bestfriends.
Simba is a very loving kitten and he
certainly won't let you forget about him.
He follows us everywhere we go,
and loves company. He loves to snuggle
with us day and night. He has been
nothing but a dream come true.
We really love having him as an addition
to the family. We appreciate everything
ACT does for the animals,
and also thank them a lot because
without them we wouldn't have Simba.
Thanks, Anna, Rafal and the kids,
Angelika and Patrick

The Samaszko Family

Jetta's Tail

We received a call from Denise inquiring
about "Liz" who we now call "Jetta".
Jetta is very lovable...we heard
that female cats are picky but Jetta is
the exception. She's so adorable and
always aim to please Mommy
and Daddy. Grandad was taken in
immediately by her sweetness...
a huge contrast to "Pocono" who is really
very picky of who she associates with.

Pocono is so happy to have Jetta around
to play with.They are like sisters.
They travel well together...amazing
how many compliments we got for our cats
during our vacation to Maine this past week.
Jetta used to have belly fat...
with Pocono chasing her around during
playtime...she's becoming fit! :-)
We are so happy to have her. She's touched
our lives in so many ways...

Regards, Megan and Steve

LT and Sweetie's Tail

LT was surrendered by a previous owner as his
daughter was not taking care of him. The owner did
not like cats, and wanted a dog.

Sweetie was one of two cats left abandoned in a
foreclosed house (formerly known as Amy).

Now these two have found a loving home together
with a wonderful family.

This is what the new owner had to say about her
new adoptees: "I took a couple pictures after we
got them set up in the Bedroom/Bathroom. They
seem fine together mostly because Amy is very
non-aggressive. Taco just wants to play...

Bob fell in love with LT and I loved Sweetie because
of her great disposition."

Bob & Melanie


Harley's Tail

Thank you to Naomi and all of the
wonderful volunteers at Animals Can't Talk.
After the passing of 2 of our senior pets
over the past year and a half, I realized the
house seemed quite empty. Over the past few
months we decided we were ready to
add to the family again.

We had looked at a few cats on
petfinders and various Petsmart locations.
When we went out on Saturday,
4/30/2010, I had no intentions of coming
home just yet with a cat. After telling one of
the volunteers what we were looking for,
she introduced me to Handsome.
While he was a bit nervous there was
a connection and I couldn't go home
with out him. It has been just 2 days
and he is settling in nicely. After the first
couple of hours, he noticed there
were other beings outside and one of
his favorite spots is the window.

He and Elsie (our other cat) are getting
along okay. Elsie is a bit standoffish at
times but I think they will become friends
in time. As for Max, our Lhasa Apso,
tonight they actually spent the evening in
the same room. Handsome has been
renamed Harley. While he is a gorgeous
cat, he does have a bit of an attitude.
He likes to play rough and will bite gently
when you rub his belly in the wrong spot.

Harley just seemed to suit him...
and I think he likes his new name.
He speaks to us when we walk
in and was even following me
around the house the first day.
I look forward to many, many years
with Harley and will keep you posted
on how he is doing. I have attached
a couple of photos. He was
watching the birds outside.

Winston's Tail

I adopted Winston at Petsmart on 2/27.
I am happy to inform you that he is
fitting in so nicely with our family.
Even my 4 year old Jennycat
has pretty much accepted
him. (Except for the ambushing )
He adapted very
quickly to everyone and was
even the life of the party
3 weeks ago for my kids birthdays.
I am so happy and
very grateful to the woman
working with the cats at
Petsmart that day, I
described our family and my cat to
her and she made
the wonderful suggestion of Winston.
He is so interesting and
wonderfully chatty.
Thank you so much.
Sincerely, Jen Keim

Schaffer Brother's Tail

These two guys were in a high
kill shelter. Now how
could two such handsome guys
end up in a kill shelter?
If only they could tell us. ACT
said no way will they be
euthanized and pulled them.
They are now happily
ensconced and loved in their new home
with the Schaffer family.


Benny and Ally's Tail

Ally and Benny, a brother
and sister team, were
adopted in mid-February
and made a 3 hour trip to
their new home in Syracuse,
NY. Benny has made
himself right at home and
loves to lay on the ottoman
like its his new throne.
He is very friendly and outgoing
and loves to sit on the lap
of his new owner to get as
much petting and rubbing
as possible.

Benny's sister Ally is a little
more on the shy side but is
adjusting nicely. Her favorite
place seems to be under
a chair or the bed,
but every day she spends a little more
time moving around the house.
Her favorite place to be
is in the window where she
can see what's going on in
her new neighborhood.
Both cats are very happy and
comfortable in their new
home and making their new
owner very happy as well.

Cash's Tail

Cash was brought to us at PetSmart, along with his
sibling, by a woman who was upset that they were
thrown out of a car on her property. Unfortunately the
sibling did not make it. Cash was found to have a fish
hook in his eye and was dashed to the vet.
Fortunately, the hook did not penetrate his cornea.
Cash is now one happy, spoiled guy.

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