We hope you enjoy reading these happy endings as much as we did helping to make them happen.

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Rusty and Cricket's Tale
Rusty and Cricket are great,
they are happy in their new home and
we are also excited to have them.

Fitzgerald's Tale
Hi, He's doing great! We renamed him Fitz
(short for Fitzgerald), and he adjusted soon as we
brought him home. Milo is enamored of him and
keeps following him everywhere haha. I can't believe
the previous owners returned him for "being too needy."
That's like saying he's too lovable. Here's a few photos.
Krystal & Brian

This is the write-up about
Nuncio/Hugo before adoption:

"Nuncio" is a very handsome 2 year old male cat, light
orange and white. He has a wonderful temperament
despite suffering awful apparent cruelty. Nuncio's ears
and tail were cropped. We have never seen this before.
The tops of both his ears have been removed, as well as
about half of his tail. He must have suffered these injuries
a while ago as they fortunately seem to have healed.
We are seeking to get Nuncio into rescue
ASAP so he can have the second chance for a
happy life that he has earned.

Nuncio was adopted and
renamed Hugo then Milo.
Click here to see complete story!
Here's an Update Photo Today: Milo

Update Photo: Rocket

Rocket's Tale
Approximately 7 months ago Animals Can't Talk Rescue
got a call of a kitten rescued from a raccoon's mouth.
We had to keep him in quarantine for 6 months.
Someone who saw his picture and heard the story
waited and adopted him. Here he is when we first got
him, here he is in quarantine always trying to get out of
the cage, and here he is in his new home.

Tina and Pita's Tale
When we got home with the cats, dad said,
"Oh God 2??" (He only knew about Pita). Pita and Tina
both slept on my bed the first night, Pita stares at me and
purrs until I wake up in the morning to pet her and "shy"
Tina sleeps on my pillow with me and loves my mouse
app. They fit into our house perfectly :)

Willow Peyton's Tale
Hello again, Willow Peyton is doing well and coming
around nicely. She comes to me to be petted and will sit
on my lap on her terms of course. She gets along with
her beautiful black boyfriend Tinky. He is my gorgeous
doll baby. I love him so much. They play so hard together
and have so much fun chasing other. Thanks for asking
how she is doing. She has one more dose of the worm
meds this weekend. She is starting to gain some weight
and is a beautiful little girl.
Take care Donna Koehler

Mystery's Tale
Mystery is a dream. She's adjusted very nicely and is
more playful than ever. It took a few days for her to get
used to her new environment but now she feels right at
home. Thank you again for bringing us together.

Krysten's Tale
Krysten is doing great :)

UPDATE: Molly's Tale
She let's my 2yr old hold her.
She's a perfect fit for us!:) -Ashley

Molly's Tale
Molly is doing wonderful, she loves attention and strings!
She's still a little jumpy but that's to be expected.
She doesn't mind our dog at all, she's actually walked up
to him and touched noses a few times. I haven't been
able to get a good picture yet, she's always moving!

Milo's Tale
Hi Naomi....it's me Tom now Milo.... my parents went to
Pet Smart to adopt a cat and you were kind enough to
drive back home and get me. My previous owner put me
on the streets after her boyfriend moved in w his dog.
I am now 8yrs old and am healthy, warm and loved
because of you! May God Bless You...you're an angel!

Freyja's Tale
She's doing great thanks for checking in. We actually
decided on calling her Freyja, after the Norse Goddess.
She's a very smart cat and it was a very smooth
adjustment for her - no problems except she does like to
chew on plants so we had to move those.
Trevor MacCarter

Freyja is loving life, watching the birds from the window
and sitting on our laps when we watch TV. Her little
meows are too cute. We're very happy with how well
behaved she is. Thanks again, Trevor and Sarah
Rusty's Tale

Rusty is doing well and slowly
coming out of his shell.
I guess he likes the NYC view.

My moms other cat is tentative and not too
happy with her new roommate
but she is warming up.

Snuggle's Tale
Brandy was one of the cats left behind when her owner
on Brentwood became senile and was put in a home.
Here she is with her new owner who from the moment
I handed Brandy to her snuggled her face and neck.
She told me she was going to keep the name but
change the "Y" to an "I", more feminine. Donna called
yesterday to say her new name is Snuggles because
that's all she's doing.

Mulan's Tale
Mulan is doing great! She loves her new family and we
love her very much. She is soooooo Sweet. I never had
such a great kitten with all her wonderful personality.
She loves to be petted and play on the cat tree, with all
her toys! I attached a picture for you! We will be back to
visit at PetSmart soon . Thank you very much for
everything. LeAnn Holmes

Rogue's Tale
My 3 year old and rouge love eachother they haven't
stopped playing with eachother since I brought
her home !!!

Cynthia's Tale
Cynthia is doing really well. She's setting in nicely.
She's starting to let me pet her and she started to
walk up to me.

James and Cali's Tale
James and Cali are doing great! We slowly introduced
them to our older cats (Fred and Ethel) and they are
much more comfortable now.
Both have amazing personalities
and are extremely snuggly and sweet.
Their new names are James and Cali. I'm sorry I didn't
answer the other day. Our cat Fred had an infection by
his claw so we had him in the kitty ER and have been
busy soaking his paw and giving him medicine...
but all is well and they are living great together. Kate

Rosa's Tale
Rosa is the sweetest cat ever and just wants to cuddle
up all day. My husband and I both work from home so
she gets a lot of attention and love. She's getting along
great with our 2 other cats and she's even starting to be
okay with our puppy. We still don't understand how such
a sweet cat could have ever been abandoned and we're
so grateful to Irene, the woman who found her for nursing
her back to health. We couldn't have asked for a sweeter
cat and we're so happy to have her as part of the family.
Thank you for everything!

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