We hope you enjoy reading these happy endings as much as we did helping to make them happen.

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Ziggy's Tale
Ziggy was found on the streets of Stroudsburg very afraid. The kind person who found him adopted him.
"The new kitty, Ziggy is in the front. To the left, the tan tabby is Milo and the calico on the right is Sadie. They are doing great Ziggy and Sadie run up and down the hall at 3 in the morning. Milo and Ziggy still square off occasionally , but they are doing ok! Ziggy just had a Bout with a tapeworm, which I gather I adopted too! All is good now - he is so lovey - he comes up and sleeps on my chest!" - Becky

Levi's Tale
Levi is settling in very well. He's absolutely adorable, incredibly friendly, and loves being near people.. I know you mentioned that the family that had to give him up was devastated. Please feel free to send these photos along to them, and let them know they are welcome to visit Levi!
Anna & Mike Plourde

Update Photo: Otis and Jay

Update Photo: Otis, Jay, and Fiona
These 3 are doing great. They are happy and used to their new home. Good luck with your continued help in finding homes for these animals. Thanks. Mary Martinez

Fiona's Tale
She is dead asleep on my lap and snoring. Feel bad - have to get up.

Otis and Jay's Tale

Dear Naomi, All is good! I got on the floor with a catnip toy and managed to get Otis out from hiding. He was very affectionate and kept circling me while purring. Then Jay came out and did the same. Otis' paws look fine - no evidence of bleeding. One of them had a bowel movement in litter box which was firm, so luckily no diarrhea from stress.
Here they are! Rubbing all over me and getting used to new home.
Mary Martinez

Sebastian's Tale
Sebastian, the senior dog who was abandoned and hit by a car, now so happy in new home.

Mooshie's Tale
His real name is mooshie mcguee. Mooshie for short. Lol. Thanks for keeping him safe for us. Amazing how this worked out for I feel like it was definitely a miracle for us to find him by that slim chance. He is so happy to be home hasn't stopped loving us since we got him back; we couldn't be happier:) As for the biting - well mooshie has never ever bit anyone in the many years he has been with us. Not once ... Even with all three of my children he has the patience of a saint and has dealt with three babies thus far, and never has scratched or bitten anyone.. So I was really shocked to hear he did that to this people ...but like we said; It was fate and a true miracle, there are no other words to describe. He really is the most intelligent animal I have ever encountered. Thank you so much again, my family and I are very grateful. Best, Tonya Taylor (Mooshies mom)

Chloe's Tale
Happy in new home.

Coconut's Tale
Wanted to post a photo of Coconut. I adopted Coconut a year ago. She is doing very well.

Bowser's Tale
Bowser is doing very well. He is very happy and playful. (This is the "dumpster kitty" who was saved)

Muffy's Tale
Hi Naomi: Thank you for the paper the you sent me on Muffy. Mike just helped me with being able to send you a picture of Muf Muf , My nick name for her. Let me know what you think of Muffy now? We think she looks a little heavier now then when I first brought her home. She loves to play in my empty clothes baskets as you can tell by the photo. Hope to hear from you soon! Debbie

TY's Tale
Ty (Tyrant) in his new home, human momma just loves him.

Update Photo:

Mowgli's Tale
Hi, Mowgli is doing just great! We introduced him to the dogs very slowly and now they are getting along just fine. He doesn't seem too interested in our bird yet but we're keeping a close eye on him. My son Thomas loves playing with him and can tucker him out. Thanks for everything! Anne

Cali's Tale
Formerly Patches. She is getting a little better, she loves our dog "Zoe", they are buddies. Every time I talk to her I say "Cali" so that's her new name. Roseann

Update: Brought Ralphie home earlier this year and he is a wonderful addition to our family. He rules the house!

Update Photo: Ralphie and his new best friend

Ralphie's Tale
My son is over the moon and Ralphie has made himself very comfortable! He is a great cat whose personality is starting to come out.

Update Photo:

Asher's Tale

Asher's pet parent is so pleased with him. He gets along great with the other cat. They love him.

Butter's Tale
First Pic...leaving PetSmart. Second, happy in new home.


Folly's Tale
This is Folly who was returned when he did not get along with their new dog, and is now in a new home.
He's fine. He's into everything. You open a cabinet he jumps in. When I come out of the shower he jumps in. Never seen a cat that likes water I work in the city. He's by him self for 8 hours. He has the run of the house. I got 2 litter boxes and food dishes for upstairs and down stairs. Lots of toys. I have a lot of windows. One wall is all glass and he likes looking out at the birds squirrels etc. I'm thinking he likes it here.


Phantom's Tale
Hi I want to thank you so much for bringing us our new family member! Tonya and Soleila
Hi! Omgosh we named him after the Phantom of the Opera! He is doing amazing, he is confident, loving and very playful!! As you know my daughter is sickly and I have a professional job that I work from home most half the time, so we have all the time in the world! My Mom's two girls Alice and Bella have accepted Phantom with no problem!! It's like he has always been here!!

Squirt UPDATE: 1/27/2016

Squirt's Tale

Red II, renamed Squirt, has fallen in love with my male Siamese Koko

Red II's Tale

A family lost their black male cat and wanted another. Mother of 91 on oxygen in a wheel chair was at PetSmart and the daughter told me the cat was in her lap and she was crying, looked just like the one they had lost.

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