We hope you enjoy reading these happy endings as much as we did helping to make them happen.

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Anyone interested in an older cat, PLEASE CALL, WE HAVE MANY.

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Bella's Tale

Bella has settled into my son's apartment and loves to sit and look out the window. She also likes to eat!
Thanks, Mary Jane Tuttle

Bella greets her new pet parent at the door every day!

Munchkin's Tale

Her new favorite place to lay is behind my laptop. She lets me pull her out and then purrs. She's still afraid of the dogs

Lexi's Tale

Carla, now Lexi, is right at home like she was always here. She has taken over the giant basket of cat toys and I think she has played with every one of them. She is a real snuggle puss. She gets along fine with the other cats and hangs out with our old girl. She isn't afraid of the dogs either and she puts them in their place!! Thank you again. We really love this little girl!
Sincerely, Louis and Lisa

Felipe's Tale

Hey! Everyone is getting along great now! He feels comfortable enough to be out and about with all the dogs. He really loves my daughter and wants to snuggle with her all the time. I've tried taking one of him and my son and it's impossible to get a good one because they don't sit still long enough. He still loves that little purple ball you sent home with us the day we adopted him too. I am beyond happy with our choice to adopt him. He is absolutely perfect.

Shawnee and Eevee's Tale

Shawnee and Eevee adopted by Chris and Clarissa Saltos. The children love and play with Eeevee, the long hair, every waking moment.

UPDATE: Cuddles and Spooky

Spooky is almost at his first full year with us and Cuddles formerly known as Cranberry when I adopted her is with us almost 7 months in their forever home and have adjusted nicely. I had sent pictures previously but this is the most recent of the 2 of them.

Cranberry (now Cuddles) and Spooky's Tale

Cranberry was adopted 1 week ago and Spooky was adopted in November 2014. They are getting along wonderfully and have become best of friends. I am so happy for the 2 of them to be part of my family. LuAnn M. Brundage

Tagan's Tale

Tagan and Sophie aren't ready to be together yet and Tagan is still really scared with everyone but my youngest daughter. He won't let anyone else touch him. :)

Penny Lane's Tale

Rich & I named our rescue puppy “Penny Lane” after she was abandoned in Penn Estates, plus, we’re Beatles fans! Penny is a lovely puppy who is smart, energetic, and quite athletic. She is housebroken and loves to ride in the car. She gets along great with our 4 cats since the cats rule the house! They visit her on their terms. Penny loves our neighbor’s 4-year-old grandson and is very gentle with everyone she meets. Penny falls asleep on the couch with Rich and sometimes they both sleep thru the night on the couch. They are snuggle buddies! Thanks to all people of Penn Estates who took care of the puppies and showed them love when they needed it most. I promise I will bring Penny to visit soon!

Kyri's Tale

Kyri is doing great. She has really opened up and become a lot more friendly and playful. We changed her name to Kyri. She is a really great kitty. Thanks for checking in,
Tessia Bracken

Flash and Sasha's Tale

My co-worker Debbie adopted from us years ago, formerly "Doc". His name is Flash now. Look how sweet he is! Here is a pic of Flash (Doc) and Sasha (Carol) shortly after we got them from ACT and then a pic of Sasha. She is so beautiful and such a loving, gentle girl. Flash is a sweetie beyond belief. He loves to do kisses and snuggle. Such nice dispositions. Flash is still very active and he and our other cat Colby are best of friends. I’ll send you one more pic with Colby and Sasha.

Shawnee's Tale

Hi, Here is a picture of Shawnee

Mary's Tale

Mary is doing wonderful. It is has been a pleasure to have her and being that she is trained makes it even easier. She is very independent but loves attention. :) thank you and I will definitely send some more pictures in the future.
Regards, Getty

Wink and Storm's Tale

Today I had my yearly visit to my doctor who is part of Shawnee Medical Group. I was NOT going to leave that building without getting 5 minutes with Doctor Anne. She and her husband adopted PYWACKET and STORM earlier this year. And I wanted to find out how they are doing.

I will start this report by saying these two cats are loved more than love itself by two people that I thought were the toughest strongest willed individuals on the face of the earth. Wow, was I ever wrong. Anne could not stop talking about how much she and her husband LOVE these two cats. Pywacket: her name is now WINK. Every day when Anne comes home from work Pywacket gives her wet kisses every single day. Storm: Wakes her up every morning at 6 A.M. by tapping her on the head. Anne is so glad she does not need an alarm clock thanks to Storm.

When Anne and her husband came in to Pet Smart that Saturday to adopt "STORM", Anne was stuck on adopting just one. Her husband brought the second cat carrier along "just in case" but in his heart he knew they were not leaving Pet Smart without Pywacket. The four of them are a very happy family. For those that did not see my earlier e mail back when after talking to Anne's husband when making follow up calls, Pywaket walks up the stairs to their bathroom, jumps on the sink, turns on the cold water, takes a very long drink, then jumps down, (leaving the water running). But luckily for WINK, the parents do not mind.

Another Happy Tail Bea Gobee (Volunteer)

Little Miss Muffin's Tale

Naomi: I just thought that I would update you on Little Miss Muffin as I call her. Muffin is settling in much better today, then when I first wrote you! She even seems to have taken to Mike, when she hears the automatic garage door open she sits and waits for him to come in the house. I think she likes us as much as we like her. She has a very loud purr, Today she came into the master bedroom and threw a toy at me to wake me up so I would feed her then took off out of the room then came back and snuggled , I then got up and feed her she was purring loudly I think she was just proud of herself for wakening me up the little stinker! Debbie Yautz( Little Miss Muffins Mom)

Update: Mazda

Here is my sweet Mazda. She was born April 11, 2010. She was at Pet Smart in July the same year, with her mom and sister who were all found in a Sunoco station, therefore the names, Mazda, Ford & Mazarati. Her sister and mom were adopted immediately, but poor Mazda was left behind. As the months went by Mazda became more depressed and aggressive and unadoptable. For some unknown and unexplainable reason, I fell in love with her.

With 3 cats at home, I did not need another cat, but I listened to my heart and not my head. On May 1, 2011 Mazda came home to live with the 4 of us. For two weeks she hid under my living room couch, using the liter box only when I was not around. I kept a one of the couch recliners open and put fresh food and water for her twice a day. Then one night she decided she had enough of the couch, and made her appearance into our family.

She now sleeps on my bed with me, loves to be pet and scratched on her neck. Our twice daily ritual for her and me is for her to lick the spoon clean after I scoop out the food for the four of them. She is a very soft fluffy ball of fur that my family cannot do without. I am so glad I listened to my heart. Thank you Naomi for letting me adopt her.


Update: Mazda

Today our Mazda has a birthday. She is 5 years old. She was born April 11, 2010 and found in a Sunoco station along with her mom and sister. They were brought to our shelter that I volunteer with at my local Pet Smart (Animals Can't Talk.org). Because of the Sunoco station, they were given the names: Mazda, Ford & the mom is Mazerati. The mom and sister got adopted immediately, but no one wanted Mazda. And she sat in the Pet Smart cages for 10 months. The longer she was there, the more aggressive she became and would not snuggle up to anyone.

On May 1, 2011, knowing she would not be adopted due to her shyness and aggressiveness, my volunteer boss let me bring her home. She spent the next two weeks under my living room couch. I would put fresh food and water under there. She would use the liter box when she knew no human was around. Now she is the sweetest, lovable kitty. I am so glad no one wanted her because she is now a part of my family forever. She is the kitty on the right. And loved by all of us.

Happy Birthday Mazda.

Chaplin's Tale:Update

This is Chaplin aka Chappy, Slim, Pipsqueak...I call him all sorts of names. He squeaks when he lands. His favorite place to hang out is the bathroom, where he stretches out by the clawfoot tub. He still has a lot of kitten in him and he loves to attack your feet while you are sleeping.

Chaplin's Tale

He is doing great; the kids love him and my wife was very happy. Chaplin and the other cat are playing together just fine. I am very pleased. Couldn't ask for it to go any better

Victoria's Tale

Here is an updated photo of Victoria. She is easy going and enjoys windows, office chairs and desks.

Tazer's Tale

Sorry this update took so long! It's the first chance I've had to get to a computer. Below is my update on Tazer and I have attached three pictures!

The first is him sleeping with his new big brother. The second is him on his tree. The third is one of many of Tazer's sleeping faces.

I adopted Johan, who is now named Tazer back in January. He's the first pet I've adopted all on my own and I couldn't be more happy with him. He can be such a brat sometimes, but there isn't a day that he doesn't make me smile.

Tazer idolizes my older cat and loves to follow him everywhere. We also have a new puppy and it took Tazer time to warm up to him, but now they coexist very well. He has such a strong personality, and his favorite game is hide and seek. I will hide around a corner and peek out at him, Tazer then will come running and jump on me!

He also loves to clean, meaning he will attach himself to my swifter and let me push him around! I made the best decision by adopting him and Tazer will be turning 1 on July 24th!

Shelby Anderson

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