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Anyone interested in an older cat, PLEASE CALL, WE HAVE MANY.

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Meredith AKA Miss Audrey's Tale
Has found a loving home / definitely a lap cat -and has a buddy Hank the beagle-

Penelope and Bear's Tale
Bear is really good, she's extremely lovable. Penelope is still adjusting. But she's been coming out a lot more. But not as approachable as bear.

Stacey's Tale

Hi Naomi, Stacey is doing very well, took a few days to settle in but she's eating and drinking and using the litter box. She plays with Abby every day and we are both cleaning the litter together :)

Davida and Xavier's Tale

Davida and Xavier are excellent. They were very shy day one. They hid in the laundry room all day. At night they came out and played with each other. By the end of day 2 they felt like members of the family. They love to play and lay in our laps. Xavier follows Davida's lead at all times, and only does what she does. That's hilarious to watch.

Harley's Tale

Stitches now named Harley. New parent wrote We love him ..great cat!!!

Duncan's Tale

This is Duncan. Amanda Glasser wrote: He is doing great, we love him and he loves the dogs, we are very happy with him.

Banket's Tale

Banket and I have become become two peas in a pod. She is very content with her new home, and she loves chasing the laser light and she makes me laugh when she slides on the vinyl floor in the kitchen. LOL Thank you so much for rescuing her, and giving me the opportunity to find her through you! :-)
Tony Salamone Jr.

Sebastian's Tale

When Sebastian isn't playing with his big brother George he's exploring his new environment. He loves to cuddle and watch football.

Rue's Tale

Mary Kate has been renamed "Rue" and she is a love. She loves to be held and to cuddle which is what we adore. We have 2 dogs and 2 other cats and she gets along well with all of them. She is our little baby :)
Joanne Brennan

Meeko and Marley's Tale

Hi .. they are doing well thanks for asking they play a lot together.

Simon and Preston's Tale

Everyone is settling in nicely. Preston is out and about but still wont let us pet him or hold him. Attached are 2 pics of Simon (Jared) and Preston. Will send pictures of the kittens (Fiona and Domino) later this week - I have some on my phone but I can't seem to grab them. They are the most affectionate kittens!! Pat

Emily and Leigh Ann's Tale

We adopted Emily the calico in August and Leigh Ann two weeks ago. It took Emily awhile to adjust to the other cats in the house, but she is doing great. They all seem to get along well. Leigh Ann has not ventured out yet, happy to have her own room for now. I wish more people would adopt. They are so grateful to be in a home again. Mary Jane and Bob Tuttle

Tabish's Tale

Tabitha or as we have renamed her, Tabish, is doing awesome and fitting right in to our family! I have attached a picture but needless to say we are all in love with our new baby girl!



Peanut's Tale

Hello, Michelle is now Peanut and she is doing well. Initially she was hiding a lot, mostly under mine and my husbands bed. Now she sleeps with us or one of the girls and doesn't hide nearly as much. She's VERY playful and has been waking us up in the middle of the night by bolting across our bed while we sleep, lol. She is also VERY cuddly and always purring. We love our new family member and am very grateful for your adoption agency.

Thank you again!

Rebecca, Steve, Sam & Ariana and of course from our fur babies: Fatboy and Peanut

Casper and Stuart's Tale

Stuart, as a tiny kitten, was found on a curb in Stroudsburg, sick, not able to eat. Melissa, after saying she could not foster again as it was painful when she had to part, took Stuart home to bottle feed for me. This is what she had to say about Stuart and a former foster, Casper.

Casper stole my heart from the moment I met him. He would curl up on my chest and purr, telling me that he is not going anywhere, "this is home." Now, he follows me everywhere and lays with me every chance he can get. He has helped me socialize several foster cats and became best friends with a few of them. A couple of months ago, Stuart came into our lives. Casper immediately took him in as if he were his own kitten: not only do they play most of the day, Casper grooms as Stuart suckles and kneads on his fur. I could not bear to separate the two.

Emery's Tale

My boyfriend wanted to rename Simean. Her new name is Emery. :) She can be very energetic but loves her fair share of naps with mommy. She is the most cuddly friendly Cat and loves to watch daddy play video games. She gets along so well with the other cats but Nala is her best friend! Emery does not scratch anything but the post we got her. She uses her litter box, eats, drinks, and plays all day and definitely sleeps well. She farts constantly, bites our toes under the blankets, and she super clumsy, but we love our corky weirdo kitty Emery. We are so happy to have her apart of our family and she fits in so well.

Smoke's Tale

Little Boy II is doing wonderful we named him Smoke and he is such a good boy! He loves to snuggle and purr up a storm! He is toy thief and he has stolen all the toys from our other cat. They get along wonderfully and play all the time. He's such a happy kitten.

Little Sis' Tale

She is a GEM! The first night she cried a little. My husband got up and played with her. She managed to jump on our bed to lay right next to him. The kids enjoyed her as well. She did approach the other cat. She will sit next to her. Its just too funny.

Mason's Tale

Mason hasn't stopped purring since we got home and hasn't left my side :)


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