We hope you enjoy reading these happy endings as much as we did helping to make them happen.

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Jules's Tale

Hi Naomi, Jules is adjusting very well. He is a sweet kitty. He lays on my lap when I am on the computer and has to be in the same room I am when I am in the house. I love him very much. I attached a picture I took a few hours after I brought him home. I couldn't be any happier with him!! Thank you!! Penny

Hunter's Tale

Hi Naomi, Hunter is doing well! He is getting comfy in the house and even approaches Rue from time to time. I have some pics on my phone...I will email them to you later. James

Roxy's Update

Here are Roxy & Molly, best buddies

Roxy's Tail

Hi, I just wanted you to know Roxy is happy and walking around the house, she slept with me last night. I gave her a bath when I got her home and brushed her. She is playing with the toys we have here and using the scratch pad. I am so happy I adopted her, my Romeo likes her too.

Thanks, Debra

Gypsy's Tale

My boyfriend and I adopted 2 year old Patrice on June 13 to welcome her to our home. She was hesitant at first, but warmed up to us and our two dogs before the night was over. She's adventurous and gets into everything due to her huge curiosity. She's highly sassy and so playful, she's always wanting attention. We renamed her Gypsy. She also sleeps on our pillows above our heads every night and chases us around the edge of the bed everyday.

Walt's Tale

Here’s a picture of Walt in this new home. Quite happy the new owners tell me, love the first picture.

Daisy's Tale

We got our darling Daisy from you in 2008. You called her Danny DeVito. She was 6 months old and so mischievous. Her first 3 weeks with us were a nightmare. She got in the fridge and we didn't know it. She got out our 3rd floor apartment window and was hanging on the screen by her claws, she jumped on the mantel almost upsetting an antique oil lamp. We almost brought her back in frustration, but she shaped up and is the best pet ever! Thank you for our little girl! Sunny & Steve

Lois' Tale

This is Johnnie's sister, Lois, who we adopted from you about 5 years ago. She is doing very well and would like to say thank you for helping her to find her furever home. By the way……the P in Johnnie P's name doesn't stand for polydactyl to her. To her it stands for Pain in the butt. He keeps her on her toes as he playfully chases her around the house. :) They do enjoy each other's company.

Update for Johnnie P

Johnny P here checking in to let you know that I'm living the good life! As you can see, I give my life a big thumbs up!
Thank you so much for taking good care of me until my furever family came to bring me home.
I am really loved and I hear my family say how cute I am and how lucky they are to have me all the time!
It's all because of you!

Johnnie P's Tale

Johnnie P ( the P is for Polydactyl, of course) is doing great! We are so thrilled with our decision to adopt him into our family. With a slow introduction, he and his feline friends are adjusting well! Thank you for all you do for these fur babies. We are so happy you took good care of Johnnie P until we came along! Here is is telling me he doesn't think he needs to get down from the table…..a little bossy, don't you think? :)

Willow's Tale

We adopted Willow (originally Alley) in January 2015 and she was our first cat. We already had a 2 year old beagle and weren't sure how it would work.

As you can see they have become best friends and partners in crime. Last night I caught Willow helping herself to some food left on a plate on the counter while pushing some off the edge to the waiting beagle below!

It was like she belonged here all along!

The Oravec Famil

Drew's Tale

Good afternoon, I received a phone call regarding how Drew has been since we have adopted him so I am sending you a few pictures of him. He is doing great, he has made himself at home since day one and gets along well with our other cat. We absolutely love him.
Thank you!
Samantha Aprile

Valentine Wish from Buddy

Shamus' Tale

Hi guys I recently just adopted a kitten from you guys a little less then a month ago he is an amazing little guy and is a perfect fit for our family! He is my first cat and can't believe I haven't gotten one sooner!

I look forward to adopting another cat from you soon!
This is Shamus! (Known to you as piglet!)

Thank you so much!

Love, Gianna Principato

Patches' Tale

Here is a picture of Patches resting in his bed.

Thanks Stephanie

Update: Jack

From left, Mr. B, Kara, and Jacky Jack. You had named him Jack when we saw/adopted him back in October. Changed to Blackie, but now back to Jacky Jack. Mr. B is our other polydactal, and tailless. Jack's extra toes are way bigger than Mr. B's though. Shown is Jack's left paw. Mr. B and Jack routinely try to kill each other, or decide to gallop up and down the hallway at 3 am. The other cat is Fuzzy. He's the oldest of the crew. All are doing well. Best wishes in the new year!

Les Sharp

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