We hope you enjoy reading these happy endings as much as we did helping to make them happen.

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Anyone interested in an older cat, PLEASE CALL, WE HAVE MANY.

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Hugo Update...
now known as Milo
Hi Naomi, I adopted Nunzio in June. You told me
to keep in touch, so I figured I'd give you an
update! We originally named him Hugo, but it
didn't feel quite right, so a few days later we
changed it to Milo, and he's been Milo ever since.
His favorite things to do are eating, sleeping, and
once in a while take turns with our other cat
chasing each other around. I've been trying to get
his weight down, but he's not too fond of playing
for long, or of diet food! He's honestly the best cat
ever; he's such a gentle giant who loves to be pet
for up to an hour, and will even nudge your hand
quite a few times to give you the hint! I'm
convinced he's a dog trapped in a cat's body. I
couldn't imagine life without him. Anyway, hope
everything is well! Krystal, Brian, Jinx and Milo

Hugo Update

Took this today. Thought you might like it.
He's adjusting nicely. :)

Hugo Update

Hugo continues to make progress every day. He's
already becoming a lot more confident. We were
keeping him confined in the bedroom to make
sure he feels safe, but he actually want to explore
his new home. Our other cat hisses and runs away
if he gets too close (he actually goes right up to
her to try and make friends), but she's been getting
better, and is tolerating him more. He's also been
very vocal about getting attention, and has been
very energetic with playing with his toys. I'll
continue to keep you updated. :)

Hugo's (formally Nuncio) Tale

Hi, He's doing great! At first he hid under the bed
in the guest room, afraid of our other cat (she's just
standoffish with him right now), so we're keeping
him separate in our room. He's a little skittish, but
he's warming up. He loves being pet endlessly and
lounging on the bed with us, and likes to play with
the teaser. We decided to rename him Hugo. :)

This is the write-up about Nuncio/Hugo before

"Nuncio" is a very handsome 2 year old male cat,
light orange and white. He has a wonderful
temperament despite suffering awful apparent
cruelty. Nuncio's ears and tail were cropped. We
have never seen this before. The tops of both his
ears have been removed, as well as about half of
his tail. He must have suffered these injuries a
while ago as they fortunately seem to have healed.
We are seeking to get Nuncio into rescue ASAP
so he can have the second chance for a happy life
that he has earned.

Truly a Happy Tale

Samuel's Tale

Samuel and his big brother George
became buddies within an hour of
meeting each other.

They spend most of the day playing and
then sleep in the bed all night.

Samuel will also cuddle on the couch at
night and watch tv before bed.

He is very happy in his new home as my
boyfriend and I are very happy to have him.

Thank you for allowing Samuel to come
into our little family.

Skylar Ogden

Blackie's Tale

Hi Naomi,
Here is a picture of Blackie. He's got a little paunch on himself now, and he's grown quite a bit. He has no problem thinking he's the king and jumping the older cats. Sometimes though it's hard to tell him and Mr. B (our other black poly) apart when they're fighting, until we see a tail flap around. We're also migrating all of the cats to Blue Buffalo natural food, and Blackie's stools are firming up. He's doing great, and keeps Hitch (dog) at bay, even though Hitch would like to give him a closeup sniff now and then.

Thanks again for allowing us to give him a home! Second picture is with Kara, our Siamese girl.


Spooky's Tale

Here is a picture of Spooky whom I adopted on Saturday. He has adjusted just wonderfully and has brought so much love into our home. He is very affectionate and loving. I am so grateful for him. Thank you so much.

LuAnn M. Brundage

Zach's Tale

I adopted Zach at the end of September. He was a kitten and I was a little apprehensive, but he has turned out to be the purrfect kitten. It took him about an hour to figure out how to get through the kitty door and he has made himself at home and gets along just fine with my other adoptee (Squeaker) from ACT a few years ago. Sorry I have been negligent in sending this Happy Tail.

Emily Serko

Penelope II's Tale

Hi! I wanted to send you an update on Penelope II (the beautiful, sweet black kitty that we adopted). She is settling in well and the Princess of the house. She's super friendly, constantly wants to cuddle (which we don't mind doing at all!).

She's super hard to photograph because when I try to take a picture, she just wants me to put down the phone and snuggle. I will get you an updated pic as soon as I can. I think that she has a lot of cuddling to make up for, I saw that she was in the store for about two and a half months. She loves playing with the fish on a string toy. We're in the process of determining which treats are her favorites (I bought a bag of pretty much every brand, she does not like Pounce!).

She's very much loved and pampered. I think she's happy with us! Thank you for rescuing Penelope and bringing her into our life. I will get you that picture as soon as she sits still long enough. :)

Take Care! Nicole

Autumn's Tale

Hello, me and my boyfriend have adopted ANOTHER cat from your agency. Her name was Faith. We have renamed her Autumn because Fall is just starting and that's when we got her. Also, she looks like the color of Autumn:). She is the most lovable cat and she gets along great with our other 3 cats in the house. We are so happy to welcome her into our home!


Maverick's Tale

Maverick is settling in wonderfully. Faith (the other cat we adopted) was not happy when he came home. She even was mad at us and showed it. lol We woke up yesterday and found both cats in bed with us and they are chasing each other, so things are working out. Maverick is full of spunk and getting into everything. He keeps us amused everyday. His eye is still watering a little but not that bad. Faith and Maverick (Bengal)

Conrad, Chris, and Beaker's Tale

Chris & Conrad pictured with our dog Beaker. They are a riot.

Atillio's Tale

This is Jello – now named Atillio – who was adopted and is now happily enjoying his new family ….

St. Nick (Noel)'s Tale

Hey, thought you'd get a kick out of this picture of St. Nick (Noel). All curled up among the canines!! Patti

Amber's Tale

Amber is very well adjusted to her new home Great cat Thank you!

Bailey's Tale

Hello, me and my boyfriend have recently adopted "Fawn" who we now call by the name "Bailey" (she loves it). I heard that you guys like to have pictures to see how the cats progress is and how they are doing. Just wanted to say that she is very happy and loves her new home and our other two other boy cats. They all get along pretty well. She is playful and rambunctious and when she is not running around or playing with our other cats she is cuddling with me and her dad and is a purring machine! We our very happy that she is with us and she is in very good hands.
Thanks for adopting her out to us. Have a great day:)
Hope Riley

Update: Gibbs (formerly Edgar)

Gibbs is doing great. He is very energetic and loves to play with his toys. Gibbs and Ziva are still getting to know one another but she is starting to come around. Gibbs is a wonderful addition to our family. Attached is a new pic of Gibbs he loves to be held.

Edgar's Tale

Hi Naomi, Edgar is doing really well. Ziva and Edgar ar getting to know one another as well. He sure has alot of engery we just adore him. If you can scan the form to me that would be great. I have some pictures of Edagr with Ziva I will post them to your sight. Thanks.

This is the write-up about Edgar before adoption:

Edgar is one lucky cat. Found as a stray, he had ulcers on his lip and was unable to eat. The vet fixed him up, now he is healthy and eager to be adopted.

Isaac's Tale

Hi there. Kent....now Isaac...is amazing. We named him that cuz of his eye. Sounds like eyesick. He is the happiest and most lovable cat I have ever known. And my daughter and him are inseparable.


This is the write-up about Kent before adoption:

Received a hysterical call about this cat found on their property with an awful eye problem. Beautiful, shy Kent, lost his eye. His stitches come out shortly. Please consider him. Kent is thought to be 3 years old.

New Photo's!
Ash is just hanging out in the yard with Mom and Dad !
Ash's Tale

Hello , I adopted Virginia . We have changed her name to Ash and she starting to make herself at home . She went to play all day . I will send some more pic . Thank you for let us bring her home and be part of our family !





New Photo's! Abigail and Silas My friend calls them The Amish because of their names. She fed them for me last week and took these pictures. Then she photoshopped them.
Abigail and Silas' Tale

Abigail (Jordan 2) and Silas (George) came home with me just two weeks ago. They stepped out of their respective carriers and were instantly the best of friends. Silas imitates everything Abigail does and after a few hours they were both sitting next to me purring. They had never been near each other before I brought them home and are now together all the time. Its hard to believe that they both came from such bad beginnings and yet they have turned into the sweetest companions.

I am totally enjoying having them and look forward to opening the door after work and hearing their footsteps coming my way. Thanks to everyone at Animals Can’t Talk, especially Naomi, for helping me get started with them. You do amazing work being a voice for all the animals in your care.


Update: New Photos

Found an App for the ipad for cats. Here they are playing with it. One is a mouse that runs around and one is a flashing thing. They loved it.

Odin's Tale
Hi Naomi,
Here are some more pictures of Odin (aka Willie). We adopted him from you almost a year and a half ago. He is absolutely wonderful and very affectionate. He brings us joy everyday. Odin adores his little sister, Tola, and she loves him back (as you can see from the pictures attached). Odin also gets along great with our dog, Rudy. Thanks so much for saving him and letting us be a part of his forever life. Emilia (fellow commuter :))

Buddy The Third's Tale

My name is Kathy Concannon. I have adopted Buddy The Third, two weeks ago. I would like to thank you for rescuing Buddy. He is about 10 ½ months old. He is large for his age and I call him my little gentle giant. I would love to find out what breed type his is because he is so handsome. I know the stories behind buddy the 3rd, I am so glad I felt for this cat. I wanted the cat to have a chance. So on a Friday I went to Petsmart and adopted him.

When I got home, I left him in the carrier for a ½ hr, so my other 2 cats can see him. I have a 13 yr old female(Dippsy) and a 3yr old male Maine coon,( Coach) who needed a younger friend. Well needless to say they are best of friends already. Buddy soon took over the house. He found all the favorite spots the other two cats liked and took them over. My 13 yr old Dippsy, is like his mom and they lay together. Coach is like his big brother. I am so happy with my decision on adopting Buddy the Third, he has brought a lot of laughter to our home. Keep up the great work.
Thanks again Kathy

Sassy's Tale

We adopted Sassy two weeks ago at the Pet Smart in Stroudsburg. I was told she was a little difficult and that she didn't like to be bothered, but she won my heart over earlier in the week when I went in looking for a kitten.

Sassy was the only cat awake and her eyes followed me everywhere I went. I am happy to report that Sassy is a wonderful cat. She is very loving and very playful. She is a great addition to our family. Thank you ACT for rescuing our Sassy so she could be a part of our family!

We love her.

Kim A. Staples

Kirk Summa

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