We hope you enjoy reading these happy endings as much as we did helping to make them happen.

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Zorra's Tale

Every year I go up to PA to use my fathers time share (I'm 30yrs old) around thanksgiving time. Last year, my girlfriend and I decided to stop by a PetSmart location to see if they had cats to adopt (my girlfriend has 2 and I wanted to adopt). The absolute second I saw this 5 month old kitten I fell in love. After filling out the paper work; I returned the next night to meet Cheryl. She was the nicest woman in answering all of my questions, helped me purchase the proper items and screening me and my living situation in order to make sure the kitten I wanted to adopt would be comfortable. It is now 1 year later and (Lakeland was her name previously) Zorra loves her home and I absolutely love her.
This organization not only saved a kittens life, but has brought so much joy to my life.
I can't thank Cheryl and this organization more.

Bellatrix's Tale

Hey I just wanted to give you an update on Beatrice, now renamed to Bellatrix. She has settled in extremely well especially with her big brother Oakley. I love that she chose me, which is the truth I originally went to look at her brother and she kept trying to get my attention and right before I finally got up to leave she grabbed my hand and rubbed it against her face and needless to say she stole my heart. Now she cuddles with me every night and follows me around.

She has picked up on meowing, thanks to her very vocal brother. The two of them play together, who knew! I am so grateful to have an amazing cat thank you so much!!!

PS she has also came to us knowing how to fetch this cat has everything I wanted from a cat!


Woody's Tale

Hi there! Just want to give an update on Woody, full name is Woodrow . I adopted him in June. He is doing great at my home. I love him so much! He has come a long way although still gets startled if i get to close to his face. I think it has to do with his limited vision in the right eye. He has made himself at home and is friends with my other FIV+ kitty, Crunchy.

Every now and then they spat but nothing serious.Woody has gained some weight- 15lbs, fur filled out more but continues with soft stool. I already dewormed thoroughly- fecal is negative and some time has passed so don't think its stress colitis. Ill be changing his food to a GI diet to hopefully bind him up. Fingers crossed.
Talk you soon.
Many thanks,Kat Saenz

Princess Bella's Tale

We adopted Rosa from Animals Can't Talk a week ago. She is settling in very well. Her new name is Princess Bella. It's been four days now that we introduced Bella to her big brother Luke which is a German Shepard. Her name fits her very well she has been drinking his water and she took over one of his beds. She has been very well litter trained and has had no accidents. Bella has been eating better the past few days and also likes her treats very much. We all love her very much and has been a great addition to our family. We have taken many pictures of them together which I would like to share with you. THANK YOU ALL FOR LETTING US ADOPT HER SHE IS VERY MUCH LOVED Jennifer Kazmer

Jackson's Tale

Ashley is the tabby main coon mix adopted by Frank and Madeline Reyes. His name is now Jackson. Here he is settled in with his roommate.


Sisi and Shadow's Tale

Mistake is now called Sisi (short for Sisimka), and Shadow Baby is just Shadow now. As for the pic's, these were taken over the past few weeks while the girls have gotten used to the place. 'SisiStairs' and 'ShadowCameOut' were taken about a week after we got them home, when they were first let out of the guest room and allowed to explore the house. Sisi turned out to be the Intrepid Explorer, while Shadow pretty-much took her time and was eventually lured out with what is now her favorite feather stick. Now, as you can see with the other pic's, they've pretty-much made themselves at home and are keeping our other two cats on their toes! Thanks for checking up, and thank you also for convincing us to take the both of them. We really can't imagine at this point how we could've possibly thought of passing on Sisi. Not only are the two of them inseparable, but Sisi really is just this little ray of sunshine that trots through the house without a care in the world (That's her on the scratching box, by the way. She LOVES that thing).
Best always, Jason J. Jensen


Zelda's Tale

Originally her name was Amanda II and we adopted her from the Petsmart in East Stroudsburg, we came in one day and she would meow at us and rub her head on the glass, unfortunately no one was there for us to adopt her that day. Two weeks later we came in again and she was still there, why? We didn't know. Same she meowed and rubbed hee head on the glass. Someone showed up while we were looking at her and I was able to hold her and Iknew I couldn't leave her behind. When we took her home we renamed her Zelda because she was our little princess. My roommate calls her Noodle because whenever you pick her up she just noodles and she lets you hold her like a baby. She is the sweetest little thing. She taught herself how to play fetch and she sleeps with me and my boyfriend every night and she is the biggest bed hog ever. She is so playful and loveable. She never gets into trouble and she purrs all the time. She gets along excellent with the other 2 cats and the dog. She is the best little (not so little anymore) kitty and we love her to death :)

Hallet's Tale

Hallet has not stopped purring since we brought her home. We love her so much thank you.

Peter's Tale

Hello! We adopted Peter Pumpkin Eater "Peter" from ACT in PetSmart a few weeks ago. He's definitely settled in, and loves to run around the house. After a week or so of avoiding each other, him and our other cat, Abby, have settled down and even sleep near each other.

We bought him a cute bowtie collar and little colored nail caps and he's so adorable. His favorite thing is the laser-pointer! He would chase it for hours if we let him! Peter is so happy and he's doing well.



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