We hope you enjoy reading these happy endings as much as we did helping to make them happen.

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Duchess's Tale

Just wanted you to know
dutchess and my parents
are doing great. They are all
so much more alert
and happy! Dutchess is
snuggling with them all the
time even me when I visit.
She is. Very happy. My
mom spirits are so uplifted.
Thank you so much.


Flannel's Tale

Flannel in her new home!

Ozzy's Tale

We adopted a 7 month old male kitten we
saw in Pet smart last weekend. He is doing
great, his new name is Ozzy and he spent
his first night free in the house last night. All
the other pets have accepted him and he
seems like a very smart cat.

Thanks, Dave & Candy Crelia

Mickey and Minnie's Tale

Mickey and Minnie are clearly best buds and I'm
so glad they got to stay together!!! They are
just priceless and we are so happy to have them
in our family :-)

They seem to be settling down for the evening
snuggling together. I thought this pic was too
cute to not share :-)

Elsie's Tale

Here is Elsie in her favorite spot! She
looks so comfortable all of the time and
she is the perfect fit for our kitty family.
She will be smothered with love forever
Thank you!

Kim Cocuzza

Zoey and
Chester's Tale

Helping with the laundry!?!?
...Zoey and Chester Anglemyer

Deputy's Tale

This abandoned cat (now named
Deputy) was left outside after a
foreclosure. Rescued by Rich
Salter. At introduction, Deputy
jumped on his largest dog.
All are very happy.


UPDATE: Chip and Fisher
Chip and Fisher are doing very well, with Fisher
being a tad ahead of the curve in the relaxation
department (!). Hope all is well with you. Thank
you for facilitating our two wonderful boys.
Jeff & Kate Woehrle

Chip and Fisher's Tale

The person who had to give these two cats up
is losing her house the end of this year and
wanted to make sure they were safe.
The new Pet Parents had this to say


"Please let the previous owner know that they
will be loved and cared for. They are indoors all
the time. They are adjusting well and meeting
our other residents. No conflicts to speak of,
so everyone is happy. New names are
Chip and Fisher. We love them!

I will most certainly vote in
your Shelter Challenge!"
Jeff & Kate

Update: Benny and Ally
I wanted to share my 2013 xmas card with you.
I adopted Ally and Benny almost 4 years ago and
they are happy and healthy and loving life
together. Thank you for all you do and for
bringing us together! Carol Weber, Ally, Benny

Benny and Ally's Tail

Ally and Benny, a brother and sister team, were
adopted in mid-February and made a 3 hour trip
to their new home in Syracuse, NY. Benny has
made himself right at home and loves to lay on
the ottoman like its his new throne. He is very
friendly and outgoing and loves to sit on the lap
of his new owner to get as much petting and
rubbing as possible.

Benny's sister Ally is a little more on the shy side
but is adjusting nicely. Her favorite place seems
to be under a chair or the bed, but every day she
spends a little more time moving around the
house. Her favorite place to be is in the window
where she can see what's going on in her new
neighborhood. Both cats are very happy and
comfortable in their new home and making their
new owner very happy as well.

Lego and Max's Tale

We adopted Lego and Max on Thanksgiving
weekend. I just wanted to let you know how they
are doing. Lego is a lover! Lego loves to be held,
is wonderful with my daughter, and I believe he is
very happy in our home. Max we have dubbed
"Kung Fu Kitty". He loves to play and is known for
sneak attacks on Lego, who doesn't seem to
mind a bit.
While I would not call Max a lap kitty, in fact he
does not like to even be picked up, he does love
to be petted and follows me around all morning
long while I am getting ready for work. I think they
have both settled in well and we are so happy
with them (even though I now need to purchase
a new Christmas tree skirt). I have attached a
picture of them sleeping on our couch last night.
Thank you for allowing Lego and Max to join us
in our home.
Brandy Stefanco

Levi's Tale

This is Levi who we adopted through
ACT Christmas time 2010
Sandy Mordvinov

Bella's Tale

Attached are some pictures or our cat we had
adopted recently. Her name has been changed
from Cupid to Bella as she is so beautiful all in
black. She very much loves company and is
extremely friendly and playful. She makes a great
addition to the family.

Tommy Two Paws' Tale

Hi We (Brent Mace and Suzanne (Miles) Mace)
adopted Splash in 2012. I believe it was on
March 31. We found him at the PetSmart in
Stroudsburg. I'm so sorry for taking so long to
update you, but it's been a very crazy year for us.
Not long after adopting Splash, now named
Tommy Two Paws, we got married, bought a
house, moved, and we both also changed jobs.
So I hope you can understand why it took a
while to send you this update, but here it goes:
While shopping at PetSmart for toys for our 2
cats (Marley and Six), we saw Splash. We saw
that he was a polydactyl and were immediately
intrigued, as we already had a polydactyl at
home! There's a reason she is named SIX! :-)
We asked to meet Splash, and fell in love.
It wasn't until we got Splash home that we
learned how he got his name......we watched
him splash water out of his bowl and all over
our floor using his extra big paws! Despite it
being a fitting name, we renamed him Tommy
Two Paws in reference to his front paws being
twice as big. Tommy Two Paws is such a sweet
and snuggly guy! He loves to cuddle and play.
We are so happy that we were able to give him
a good home! He is a wonderful addition to our family!

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