We hope you enjoy reading these happy endings as much as we did helping to make them happen.

If you have a Happy Tail or have previously sent one but don't see it here, please email us with the story and photo.
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Buddy's Tale

Buddy was adopted from ACT
(Animals Can't Talk) Rescue and Shelter in
2009. She is approximately 8 years old + or -.

We believe that she may have been feral (or a
barn cat) at one point in her life due to her timid
and evasive nature, but with time and a great
deal of patience, Buddy has begun to bond
with our family.

She especially enjoys playtime with our daughter.

Yoda's Tale

Yoda's Trip Home I adopted Yoda last September,
and it has been a trip home. He has no problem
adapting to his new life with Hawk (dog), two
guinne pigs and myself. He fit right in, acting more
like a dog than a cat most times..then Hurricane
Sandy hit and we had to spend a week with
friends, and Yoda now had 3 dogs and another cat
as friends, but he did what he does best, act like a
dog and play with the other dogs.


Now it's the end of May and Yoda is the best thing
that I ever got, he is always there when I need him
and he knows just when to come and snuggle up
with me and watch TV, but his favorite past time is
still playing with the dogs. I have attached some
pics of Yoda in his new home. Alyssa Thompson

Ramses's Tale

Here are a couple of the first-arrived "timid"
photos of Ramses: the "kangaroo" shot and ones
where they were really checking each other out.
Please kindly thank the rescuer for me. If not for
them, we would not have our new little character.

Milo's Tale

From Bea Gobee, one of our volunteers.

Here is Tom (new name Milo) who was adopted
recently. In making my calls last night, owner had
her daughter send me a picture. They love him so
much and are very happy with him. He is so
affectionate. Very happy with their adoption.

Buster's Tale
Dear Naomi,
I just wanted to let you know how much we love
Buster and how well he has adapted to being in
our home and having a big brother. I've attached
pictures of Buster and Joe.
Chip Callori

Abigail's Tale

Hello Naomi,

Brunhilda(now Abigail) is doing great, she had
some ear mites so the vet gave me some drops
to put in , and its clearing up nice.She is adjusting
extremely well, she gets along great with my
dogs,and loves my pug (milo) the best !!!!!! She
is very social and loving, and loves hanging out
where everyone is !!! We love her!!! My husband
and I made a window perch for her, it is her favorite
spot !!! Thank You again for one great kitty !!!!

Sincerely Gayle (this is a happy tail !!!)

Ivy's Tale
Ivy is mainly staying in my daughterís room or the
basement if someone is down there. She really
likes to be with someone at all times.

Ashton and Sampson's Tale

They have settled in wonderfully and get along
great with our other cat. My girls love them and
have so much fun with them.

Thanks so much.

Layla M. Richard

Polly's Tale

Hannah...now Polly is doing very well!

Bill Asher

Updated Photo

Mimi's Tale
(Ava now Mimi)
I just wanted to let you know that Mimi has settled
in just fine. Is loving her new surroundings. She
has found herself a bed to sleep in. Loves playing
with my son. I will send more photos soon
Yours truly
The Zengen family


Grant's Tale

I recently adopted the taby maincoon kitten
Grant at the Petsmart in Stroudsburg PA a few
weekends ago. I wanted to let the organization
know he is doing very well, has adapted to my
house with no problem, and is getting bigger every
day! Taken yesterday while exploring the house.

Thank you, Allyson Moran

Update: Rosalie

Adopted in Oct 2010. Over two years ago, I
adopted a very shy adult cat named Rosalie. I
saw her at PetSmart for weeks and wanted to give
her a home where she would be safe, even though
I was quite sure that she would never be a lap cat
or possibly even handle able. It was obvious that
she was abused in her past. Itís been a long road to
gain her trust and I am happy to say that I finally
did. She comes when I call her and as soon as
she hears my voice when I come home from work,
she greets me with a squeak from the stairs. She
sleeps in a pile of cats at the bottom of my bed
every night. And (finally) in the past couple weeks,
she has begun to trust me enough to let me pet
her and comb her. She is just a beauty and I am
so glad that I adopted her. She shares her home
with 5 other furry friends, cats Munchkin (also
adopted from ACT), Tucker and Samson and my
two German Shepherds, Morgan (a mix) and
Chevy (a PB black shepherd). Together they
make a happy, furry family.

Rosalie's Tale

Rosalie (Denise Silva's foster): She was adopted
from Animal's Can't Talk on October 16, 2010.
I had watched her at PetSmart for a couple weeks
- but since I had a cat with feline leukemia, I
wasn't able to adopt her. While she was there,
my cat passed away. I immediately thought about
Rosalie. She has found her forever home along
with two other kitties, Munchkin (Sookie, also
from ACT) and Tucker and our German
Shepherd mix, Morgan. She is so sweet and
has come a long way from the timid cat I brought
home . She hid almost all the time and when she
saw me, ran for cover under the nearest bed.
Who knows what happened to her before she
came to ACT. But now she comes out and
follows me around, squeaks for her breakfast -
and when it's quiet I find her coming downstairs.
She's curious and just beautiful. Her foster mom
did an excellent job with her and I will continue
the work she started. Rosie's story is just
beginning. I hope that someday she will come
for pets and attention, but if she doesn't, that's OK.
She is safe here and can live a happy life.

Joanne Ackers

Princess' Tale

This is Carla and Joe Benckert.

We adopted 'Princess Leah' from Pet Smart in
Stroudsburg the end of August. Wanted to send
you a picture of the sweetest and most spoiled
kitty in the world. We call her 'Princess', and she
loves living with us and our other cat, Daisy. She
is safely an indoor kitty and is indulged with lots
of love and attention, and a 'treat' of canned food
every morning and night, along with her cat chow.

She sleeps curled up in a little ball next to me
every night and loves jumping up for cracked ice
when Joe uses the ice machine. Loves her mouse
toys and sometimes runs around with a little toy
ball in her mouth. She is so adorable I can't quite
take it all in. Wanted you to know we are so happy
to have found each other through your adoption
agency! The attached is a picture of her in our
office - she follows us everywhere and sometimes
curls up in a mail basket on the floor!

Ripley's Tale

Just wanted to give u an update on Ripley. He is
doing great and our dogs and other cats are
getting along great with him. He is very sweet
and made himself at home right away.

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