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Lizzie, Toby Josie's Tale

Lizzie, Toby Josie's Tale

Lizzie(Jackie Minx, Tuxedo) and Toby (Davie)
and Josie adopted a few weeks ago.

They have been doing well. Myra (Josie) is very
energetic and is always around to play and give
love. Lizzie (Jackie Minx) is starting to come out
of her shell. She follows Myra around and
welcomes petting and being picked up. She now
hangs around more. Toby (Davie) is a harder nut
to crack. He is coming around though. He is out
more but still keeps his distance. He is starting to
play as well and has found some comfy spot
under furniture and falls asleep. It will take more
time with him but he is coming along.

Cosmo's Tale

Dear Naomi,
We adopted Tabby cat Devito, now named
Cosmo, about two months ago. He seems to
enjoy his new home and has settled in nicely.
Cosmo is playing, running around, using his
scratch board and interacting with his new family.
He eats well, but we are working on weight
management to get those extra pounds off. He
grooms excessively at times, but hypoallergenic
shampoo sponge baths seem to offer relief.
Cosmo is a joy to have and we couldn't be
happier! Hoping for a long life with our new
family member!
Cheryl and Stephen Likins

Lily and Sofie's Tale

Here are the two of them. As you can see, they are
very happy together. We also "adopted" another
rescue (not pictured) that actually walked into our
lives at a farmer's market last year and adopted
us! Lily and Sofie often stay together (the other cat
is male) and find great comfort in being "sisters."
Thank you for bringing such joy into our lives.

Jan Julia

Carl's Tale
Hi Naomi, hope all is well!
Carl (previously known as Ben the lowes kitten)
is just the sweetest little love of our lives!
Kellie, Larry, and Anna Miller


Hi Naomi

It has been a while and I will send some new
pics shortly but I wanted to let you know the kitties
are all doing well. The more shy male - Tito - now
owns the house. He is a seriously BAD kitty.
Really BAD - and hysterical - there is nothing he
doesn't get into! Don Diego is a sweet heart and
Ms. Jilly has totally claimed my husband. His lap
is her favorite place (she knew who she had to
suck up to!) We did have a problem with them
roaming at night and with our door open
"greeting" us every couple of hours and with
door closed - scratching, banging and rattling
the door. So sleeping was a problem. Believe
me I am very protective of my sleep given my
general inability to get any of it! We found what
seems to be a solution so I thought it would share
in case others are having a problem. Might keep
people from surrendering a cat. We tried the sticky
tape, a water "moat" in front of the door, deterrent
(seriously stinky spray) and a host of other things.
What has worked is a product called ssscat.
It is basically a can of air with a motion sensor.
We go to bed. We shut the door and put the can
in the hall in the door frame.

Kitty comes to scratch
rattle the door etc. is detected by the motion
sensor and the can sprays a burst of air across
the door. Kitties go flying. Kitties stop scratching
door. The first night they triggered it 4 times. The
second twice, third once and since not at all. It has
been 5 nights now of excellent sleep and they
have learned that closed door means stay away
and open means come on in. In the AM I open the
door, turn off and pick up the can and they come in
and jump in bed for an AM cuddle. Everyone
happy - best $25 I ever spent!

Update: Tito, Diego
and Miss Jilly

Wanted to let you know kitty boys and girls are
doing very well. In fact Mr. Tito and Ms. Jilly Bo
are the life of the party. Jilly is loving up on
everyone and growing by leaps and bounds. She
is finer boned than the boys but is almost as tall
now. In fact she has made the terrible terrier her
best friend! Boldest of them all. Don Diego has
been slower to warm up to Maggie and isn't quite
as happy :) about being chased - but he is coming
around as well. In the morning making breakfast
is like walking in a sea of kitty sharks. I can now
pick each of them up and they are responding to
their names. They still startle pretty easily and
zoom are gone - but that is diminishing and I am
sure in a couple of months any traces of scared
kitty will be long gone.
Thanks for these little guys!

Tito, Diego and Miss Jilly's Tale


So the kitty boys and girl are doing well. Paul and
I can both pet miss Jilly now and she is sniffing
Ian's fingers - of course she still heads for the hills
when my 2 year old stomps over :) She is still very
tentative but does enjoy a good body and head
rub :) - every time she has to get up her courage
but she is getting there.

Tito and Diego own the house. Diego is quite the
lap kitty. Still working on picking up Tito easily.
He will let me but not too happy. We will get there.
Miss Jilly - well I haven't even tried yet. And her
nose is almost completely healed so no problem
there. The terrible terrier is finally learning to be
calm and we have had much mutual sniffing.
Then Maggie gets excited and kittens go flying :).


Hey, just wanted to update you on Nick. Looks
like he's doing great!! Mind you there were 4
dogs in the room while he was sleeping like this!!
St. Nick's Tale
Hey Naomi! Here are some pictures of "Noel",
now St. Nick.
The cat you helped me
rescue/adopt last December.
Enjoy the pics!!


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