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Est. DOB of this litter: 05/29/2017
4 orange and white tabbies with white paws, one black/white
and the smallest is all black, ALL MALES
Foster Mom of Kittens: Charron Parola,
Cell: 570-460-2812 Facebook: Charron Parola

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an adorable orange tabby with white bib and paws, is one
of a litter of 6 kittens born approx. 5/29/17 of a stray mother cat,
who started bringing her kittens to a homeowners back porch.
The homeowner rescued the 6 kittens so they could be socialized
and eventually get into good homes. He and his brothers became
foster kittens in Animals Can't Talk Rescue, being fostered by that
homeowner and cat lover, Charron, in a spare room in her home.
Five of his brothers have since been adopted, and Figaro is still
looking for his forever home. Figaro is extremely outgoing, super
affectionate and playful, and loves to be cuddled and petted. He is
also super smart, and his foster mom taught him 3 tricks/commands
in a short time: "sit", "turn around" and "rollover" ! See his video to
see this cutie doing his tricks: He is
going to thrive in a home where some of his "human family" are
there often to allow him a lot of cuddle time and affection. He wants
(and needs) to always be close to his people. He also loved playing
and cuddling with his brothers & his adult dad who was also being
fostered in the same room. Figaro is litter trained, neutered, been
flea treated, dewormed, tested negative for feline diseases FIV
and FeLV, and has had his Rabies and Distemper vaccinations.
He can be seen at PetSmart some Saturday afternoons (and an
occasional Sunday during "Adoption Weekends"). If you have
questions about Figaro, and/or are interested in meeting him and
possibly adopting him, contact his foster mom, Charron Parola, via
calling her at
570-460-2812 or by

sending her a personal message on Facebook, as to specific days
and times he will be there to meet. You could also arrange a visit in
the foster home if you'd like, or talk to the foster mom about Figaro.


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